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The rentalcariran.com uses Smand as one of the goods Iranian car with lowest price for renting, here we want introduce this car, Since three decades of Paykan production and lack of variety in its apparent and technical form, the urgent need to design and construct a new completely different car of the current type was considered that led the company to advance the country’s construction goals and compete with the company The foreign automaker in Iran Khodro Research Center, in collaboration with Iranian engineers and experts, designs and manufactures national automobiles with the name of Samand. The company continued to design and build a new and more advanced generation of Samand vehicles called Samand LX in 2004, in order to promote the product of Samand.

In addition, since 2010, a new electronic system called Smart Intelligence (Multiplex) has been designed and manufactured in conjunction with the previous e-mail system, the so-called “warning system”, which customers can choose one of these two systems.

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Samand LX a comfortable and safe car for Iran

Samand LX

Samand LX benefits from cheap and affordable spare parts, high safety thanks to its sturdy body, passenger comfort with design chairs adapted to their physical characteristics, suitable dimensions for indoor and outdoor use, considerable space Inside the room and the trunk, excellent acceptance of commands, especially on sweeping roads and convenient facilities, have become one of the most popular day-to-day vehicles in Iran, and even some of the target countries of export.

Today, the environmental protection in the automotive industry is of major importance. For this purpose, the company’s vehicles, including the Samand LX, are equipped with standard Euro 4 fuel equipment. The other benefits of the Samand LX are the golden service of the after-sales service, which will benefit the body’s car insurance company while enjoying various services throughout the country free and fast.

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Welfare Equipment, Safety and Vehicle Features:

Airbags for driver and front passengers

ABS braking system along with EBD

Telescopic steering column (collapsible in crashes)

Adjustable driver seat height

Electrical side mirrors

Technical specifications of Samand LX:

Vehicle class code (s) 29339-29340

Type of engine XU7JP / L3

Engine volume (cc) 1761

Maximum engine power (hp) 100 hp at 6000 rpm

Maximum torque (Nm) 153 Nm at 3000 RPM

Compression ratio 9.3

Number of valves 8

Compatible fuel type of lead-free octane 95

Injector Multipoint Spray System

The Euro 4 emission limit value is optimal

Maximum speed (km / h) 185

Acceleration from zero to 100 (seconds) 14.5

Power Transmission System 5 Gears (BE3)

Fuel consumption (100 km) outside the city (liters) 6.8

Fuel consumption (at 100 km) Combined (liters) 8.7

Car lenght (mm) 4502

Vehicle width (mm) 1903

Vehicle height (mm) 1460

Distance between two rear and front wheel axles (mm) 2671

Unpaid net car weight with full tank and no additional equipment (kg) 1220

Capacity of fuel tank (liters) 66

The volume of the trunk space (dc cubic meter) is 500

Lx Samand Full Features and Equipment:

Euro 4 pollution optimization standard

Brake ABS anti-lock brakes and EBD, front brake disc, rear brake bowl

Front passenger and front passenger airbag

Hydraulic steering

Manual ventilation system, Ventilation valve for rear occupants

Audio system “CD Reader, Front & Rear Speaker, Active Antenna”

Lights front and rear fog lamps, LED scanner, third danger lamp

Mirrors “Adjustable side mirrors, Mirrored lights”

Glass-lined glass electric front and rear doors

Beige trim trim, wood decoration decorations

Safety features of the anti-theft system (Immobilizer), Intelligent Alarm Intelligent Alert System, Rear Barrier Warning, Central Locking with Remote Control, Altitude Adjustable Seat Belt, Class 29339: Rory System, Class 29340: Multiplex System

Rims and tires 15 inch steel ring

Seat rear seat adjustment, front seats, lever adjustment, driver seat height, access to the inside of the room, front seat headrest with height and angle adjustment, rear seat backrest integrated with seats

Other opener equipment in the trunk from the inside and on the switch, a three star golden card

Our company try to use high quality with a excellent rate. Rentalcariran try to give good services and the first priority of rentalcariran.com is safety for all customers that rent car from us.

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