Review of one of the good cars for renting in IRAN, the Renault Thunder 90

Rentalcariran.com has so many NEW L 90 or Thunder 90 that rents to customers, we will talk about L 90 the first question is:

Are the Thunder 90s that are produced in Iran different from those produced in other countries?

The only difference that exists here is the type of engine, because the models offered in Eastern Europe have a lower engine capacity than those produced in Iran. At the moment, the cars produced in Eastern Europe are 8-valve and 75-horsepower, while the Iranian specimen has a stronger engine fitting the climate in Iran.

The Thunder 90 is one of the Renault sedans that entered the Iranian market several years ago. The 90’s or 90’s is known as the Dacia Logan in the global market, including Russia and Brazil, and is being produced by the Dacia brand, one of the subsidiaries of the Renault company in Romania.

The Thunder 90 was initially intended to replace the arrows, but this promise never came true. For various reasons, including international sanctions against Iran, the Thunder 90 turned into an out-of-reach vehicle for the poorest community. However, the L90 production continued in Iran and the car was welcomed by very good customers.

l90 plus 1 - Review of one of the good cars for renting in IRAN, the Renault Thunder 90

Thunder 90 is currently being produced by Iran Khodro and Pars Khodro. One of the most important points in the L90 is its technical characteristics, coupled with low wear and tear, compared to many other competitors, including Peugeot Pars, Dena, Rana and 206.

The Thunder 90 is available in several types: E0, E1 and E2, which differ in terms of options, but the difference between their technical characteristics. In addition, shortly after the Thunder 90 with hand gear box, Iran Khodro and Pars Khodro decided to launch an automatic gearbox.

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price icon10000USD (price range) price Renault Price Thunder 90 (price fluctuation and sales table) User rating: 10 4.6 out of 21 users

Positive comments Renault Tondar 90

Poor fuel consumption – Better build quality than competitors of the same class – Low depreciation – Promising driving force

Negative notes of Renault Thunder 90

The seats are not very comfortable – the old car design – the most commonly used cabin parts are dry plastics

Renault Thunder Security 90

Thunder 90 has won three safety stars from the Euro NCAP.

Reno Thunder Review Expert

Thunder 90 or El 90 or Logan, or any other name that’s in your mind, is one of Renault’s low-priced products produced by Iran Khodro and Pars Khodro in our country. The purpose of the car in the Iranian market was to provide a product for the middle class of the society, which did not happen with its rising prices.

The Thunder 90 is an easy car in the external design section, and it will never captivate you with a glance. The L90 has its appearance on the production line since its arrival in Iran and, of course, this simple design is well-liked by many Iranian users. Among the various components of the Thunderbolt 90, there is a relative alignment, but we should not simply overcome the negative features of its body design. The rear lights are not so beautiful and the car’s height looks a bit too much. All in all, the Thinker 90’s design depends entirely on your personal taste, and this design may be unfavorable for some others and for a different category of users.

l90 interior 1024x1024 - Review of one of the good cars for renting in IRAN, the Renault Thunder 90

Inside the cabin, the situation is the same and we are not faced with an exciting car. The cabin is designed in the simplest form, and there’s no such thing to mention.

The material used in the Thunder cockpit 90 is more plastic than it does, but this plastic does not lose its quality over time and, like many internal vehicles, does not face a strange problem. One of the negative aspects of the cabin is the comfort of not so high chairs, and especially the rear passengers will not feel comfortable on long journeys. But rentalcariran customized seats for comfortable condition.

The engine used in the El 90 Gem has 1.6 liters and can produce 105 horsepower and 140 Nm of torque. This power is transmitted to the front wheels by a 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed gearbox. Fortunately, with the same power, Thunder 90 shows good performance in the acceleration section, and will not disappoint the driver especially in the manual model.

But in extreme conditions, such as the uphill with a clear cooler, you can not expect the same performance, and the efficiency of the car is greatly reduced. For an automated acceleration model of 0 to 100 km, 11.7 seconds are announced by automakers, but in practice less you can get this number.

In general, the Thunder 90 must be considered one of the highest quality domestic products that has not suffered a severe deterioration over the past years due to direct monitoring by Renault and remains a reliable vehicle among the people. The Thunder 90 is currently being sold on the market at a price of 10000 USD in the E2 model and 11000 USD in the automotive model. Despite the price, the Thunder 90 seems to be the best option against rivals such as Dena, Peugeot Pars, Peugeot 206 and the Carlson H220 and some other Chinese cars.

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