Tourism and car rental in Iran (part 1)

Tourism and rent car in Iran

Tourism in general is a recreational travel. Although in recent years tourism includes any traveler who leaves the workplace or his life. For those who call tourism, they are called tourists. The tourist’s name emerged from the time when middle class people were traveling. This became possible as people became more financially able to make their lives longer.

Most tourists are more than interested in the climate, culture or nature of their destination. The rich have always traveled to distant lands, not accidentally, but ultimately for a particular purpose. For example, to see famous buildings and artwork, learn new languages ​​and taste different dishes. Organized tourism is today the most important industry in the whole world.

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Tourism in Iran is said to be a collection of tourist facilities including monuments, recreation areas, nature, transportation, hospitality and ….

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Tourism in Iran as an industry has very high potential for growth. According to the World Tourism Organization, tourism in Iran ranked 10th in the ancient and historical attractions and ranked fifth in the world of natural attractions and one of the safest countries in the region. And the world in terms of security for foreign tourists. In 2008, about 2 million foreign tourists visited Iran, while 842 million tourists visited the country this year.

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According to experts, the tourism industry in Iran does not enjoy the development that deserves it. Due to the low prosperity of the tourism industry in Iran, the lack of suitable economic platforms for attracting investment in the construction of the hotel and other related industries in this area has been mentioned. Another reason for the poor tourism prospects in Iran is the lack of awareness of investors in Iran and The poor propaganda, as well as the publication of false and negative news from Iran, social and religious restrictions for foreign tourists, as well as political tensions with some Western countries, are another obstacle to the development of the tourism industry in Iran.

Comparing Iran’s tourism with some countries, Iran has not been able to provide a solid record in this regard. For example, in 2007 alone, about 15 million foreign tourists visited Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in the south of the Persian Gulf, while Iran, with a share of less than one fifteenth of Dubai’s tourists in the same year, Only less than one percent of the world’s share of the world’s tourism revenue has been allocated.

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