Tourism and rent car in iran (part2)

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Tourism in Iran-Tourism industry, unlike other economic sectors, includes a range of service providers including travel and tourism services, airline, rail, road and marine operators, hotels, hospitality and hospitality, tourists, restaurants, product stores Handicraft, souvenir items, clothing, footwear, leather goods and other items of interest to tourists.

The diversification of activities related to the tourism industry has caused the prosperity of this sector to have a high economic impact on the economy of the country compared with other sectors of the economy. In addition, studies have shown that the development of this industry has an effective role in reducing unemployment, as well as improving the distribution of income and increasing government revenues. This issue, especially as unemployment in our country is considered as the main economic problem of the country, should be considered more seriously by policy makers and planners on a daily basis.

Main obstacles to tourism development in Iran:

Tourism in Iran-Although the development and expansion of tourism and tourism is inevitable in order to make the most of its numerous benefits, but many problems and bottlenecks in the development of the tourism industry in Iran should not be left out of the mind. Some of these problems are:

– The lack of a comprehensive and strategic plan, as well as the lack of clear objectives and policies of the tourism industry in Iran in the form of an executive plan.

One of the main obstacles to the development of tourism in Iran is the lack of development of the Gulf coast and the proper facilities of the sea (gardens of the sea – water parks and tourist islands and …)

– The Ministry of Tourism and Tourism in Iran

One of the main obstacles to the development of tourism in Iran is an unfavorable propaganda space to distort the image of Iran and isolate Iran internationally.

Another major obstacle to the development of tourism in Iran, the lack of adaptation and harmony of the culture of tourists from some foreign countries with Islamic culture

– Lack of trained and trained humanist work in the tourist agencies of Iran, and the lack of knowledge and expertise of staff working in tourism organizations (such as hotel servicemen, agency staff and tourism guides)

– The reluctance of the private sector to invest in the tourism sector due to lack of profitability, deliberate and restrictive actions by some unauthorized officials and …

Another major obstacle to the development of tourism in Iran is the inconsistency in the cooperation between government agencies and organizations that contribute to the improvement of the tourism situation.

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