Exceptional Tour of Isfahan from Rental car Iran

Exceptional Tour of Isfahan from Rental car Iran

Isfahan is the third largest city in Iran after Mashhad and Tehran. The beautiful texture of the city, the historic minarets and beautiful arts from the Safavie era. A large number of historic monuments have been registered at UNESCO. Interestingly, Isfahan and Rasht have been registered as UNESCO as the two creative cities in the network of creative cities of the world. In order to raise awareness, we are pleased to announce that, in accordance with UNESCO standards, it is a creative city that takes citizens’ abilities and innovation into urban development. In addition beautiful monuments and exceptinal monuments, the good encounter of citizens with travelers and guests of the city has been a factor in attracting and expanding tourism in the city. From the beautiful buildings of Isfahan, you can mention the Square of Persia Jahan, thirty-three bridge, pole Khaju, Hagaphapu, Chehel Soton Palace.

The extraordinary architecture of this building attracted everyone’s attention by moving a minaret, the other minaret is moving and moving, so the name of the manor is taken.


This bridge was built on Zayandeh Rood to the architecture of Hussein Bana Isfahani. 33 is open. 295 meters long and 14 meters wide. Europeans, like Percy Sykes and Dan Garcia, considered it the world’s first-class bridges.

Note that except for the tourist industry, there are other large factories and industries in Isfahan, for example, the largest workshops and gold factories in Isfahan.

I do not mention the beautiful handicraft of Isfahan, which is like a symbol for this city. Weaving, carpet weaving, woodcarving, metalworking, etc., are only handicrafts from Isfahan. I would definitely recommend that if you have traveled to this city, make a memorable one for yourself, because it is also beautiful as a hand-crafted work of art. .



The climate of Isfahan

The geographical location of Isfahan has attracted more tourists. Why??? Because this city is located adjacent to the largest river of the central plateau – Zayandeh Rood. On the other hand, the Nogene forest is located on the shore of Zayandeh Rood, so that you can get better weather and weather, weather in summer, a maximum of 39 ° C in the summer and a negative winter of 18 ° C in the winter.



Official language in Isfahan

From where you may be confused about not having trouble getting to the point of talking and getting to the concept in Isfahan, we will promise you that the people of Isfahan speak the same Persian language with the accent of Esfahani. There really is not anyone who does not want to hear the Esfahani dialect Dear do not enjoy Of course, from the same platform, we would like to inform dear Isfahani that the first one to learn English as ordinary everyday sentences to make the tourists more comfortable and make themselves more attractive. Meanwhile, this will attract more tourists and attract more tourists. More currency will enter the city and economic prosperity will increase in the city.

If the tourists wanted to worship, there are many churches in this city, especially in the Jolfa area.

An example of Isfahan’s local uniform

Food and food

Iran is one of the countries that everybody who has visited this country has enjoyed the food. Its great variety of dishes has been interesting for everyone. The local dishes of Isfahan, which I like very much to you, are like eggplant, butterflies, kerosene and bryan. Isfahan Gaz is considered as one of the most famous souvenirs of Isfahan. The most delicious gaz called Saedi Nia. But I want to tell you that I’m unlikely to tell you somewhere, the tasty barbecue you can eat, you are the Golpayegan roast in the Golpayegan region, and the best honey is Khansar honey. Because these areas are in the pastures, their unique climate enhances plant growth and healthy livestock breeding, so you can find dairy products and fine meat.

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How to get to Esfahan

There are several ways:

1 – The plane is relatively expensive.

2-Tourist tours, you can search for a good tour in a good condition with a little search. If you are looking for a good tour, you will be able to choose the best from our company Rentalcariran.com .

3-car rental If you decide to travel only, we suggest you rent a car for two reasons: 1. Be independent. 2. Do not take a taxi at any stop or visit. 3. The cost of taxis is not constant. It is often cheaper to rent a car.

We hope that our content is attractive and useful. If you are traveling to Isfahan, please send us your photos and send us your memories. What experiences did you have? If you come back to Iran, where are you going?

Again, as if there were ambiguities in the text, let us know so that we could write it with more energy. :)))

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