Airport Transfer

Aviation is referred to by the vehicle, which includes passengers traveling from the hotel (hotel) to the airport and from the airport to the destination (hotel).

Airport transfers are usually available on all tours and hotels, but not including airport transportation, so the passenger should apply separately.

In general, the transfer can be offered in a group with a minibus or van, but in some cases it is also provided by taxi on request.

Imam Khomeini airport transfer: we can provide all kind of airport transfer for travelers and passengers to don’t waste their times in airports so in all of the airports in Iran we can prepare airport transfer to your hotel or destinations.

Airport transfer is a valuable service: The airport transfer system is a valuable collection that carries out special services for the transfer of passengers from the airport to Tehran or other cities from airports, in other words.

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Also, if you want to book online from the airport, you can take a comfortable taxi through this site and follow the link below or reserve with Whatsapp. Services are carried out in 22 areas of Tehran and around Tehran and Karaj or other cities that have international airports in Iran.

Airport transfer services can be provided from the door to the airport and from the airport to the door of the house. You can use the airport transfer service with rentalcariran.

Also rentalcariran can arrange to Use of airport hotels

Airport hotels are suitable for people with the following conditions:

• Long pause between two flights

• Flight cancellation

• Long flight delay

• Getting to the airport early to avoid traffic for Passengers and flight crew

You can always use Imam Khomeini airport hotels. These hotels have new services and short stay accommodation (3 hours and 6 hours) and daily stay is possible. If your flight was flying in such a way that you need to eat, Dine or interested in using the pool, massage, spa and … You can book and reserve all the services before you go to the airport through this site and the link below.

We can arrange for you to reserve the Ibiza hotel and the new hotel near airport or in our cities.