Imam Khomeini airport cabin services


What is cip CIP (CIP) The term commercial business is important and refers to people who are commercially concerned. The services offered to the VIP and CIP at the airport, hotel, conference halls, etc. are almost identical and the main difference between the two is to provide VIP security.

In many cases, travelers are looking for proprietary and convenient services for their journeys so that they can travel with minimal stress and anxiety. For this purpose, various airports have been offering certain services called CIP that travelers are interested in using These services can already be purchased from tourist agencies under an airport contract. In this regard, Imam Khomeini airport (IKA), as one of the airports under the contract, offers CIP passenger services, and passengers can, upon request, specify the type of service required by the CIP for the requested class.

The CIP Hall of Imam Khomeini Airport is the most equipped venue for the specialty of Iran in an area of ​​7,000 square meters and 8,000 square meters in a three-story building. Imam Khomeini Airport’s arrival and departure passengers who wish to spend a relaxed and stress free space before and after flight can visit and use the hall and facilities available.

The position of the CIP station as a dedicated terminal for the special people is designed in such a way that the respectable passengers, along with direct or courtesy travelers in a quiet environment without the need to implement the normal operations of the airport operations, such as receiving flight cards and delivery of loads in this Have a good time to relax and have a well-equipped meal from the campus.

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Ceremonial Hall Services CIP Imam Khomeini Airport (CIP):

Two-floor restaurant with a beautiful view overlooking the runway

Special Guards Corps, Police, Passports and Customs for Incoming and Outgoing Travelers

Exclusive reception of passengers and all airlines

Transfer of passengers from the hall to the steps of the airplane and vice versa by the car of the ceremony

Providing passenger transportation services from the airport to the airport and vice versa by car

Parking car with roof with a capacity of 100 units, solely for the use of respectable passengers

The DUTY FREE store has luxury goods with authentic foreign and domestic brands

Private Bank (Bank Saman) for the purpose of conducting banking affairs, including foreign currency (other than travel currency) and passenger Rials

Suite with all facilities for temporary accommodation of applicants with a possibility of a variety of warm Iranian and foreign cuisine.

Sales booths such as handmade carpets, handicrafts, flowers, sand dunes and Iranian souvenirs and caviar

Deluxe cuisine and a variety of hot and cold beverages, and a variety of sweets, salads and desserts for CIP travelers.

Providing services to the honorable companions of the passengers at the time of arrival or departure at the hall of the place of the ceremony

Applying for an airport visa with prior coordination, and following legal ceremonies

A wireless internet connection with high speed Internet access

Specially designed cigarette room with standard ventilation and full health care

Possibility to use the Ardor’s desk for travelers, direct and attendees

Conference hall and VIP for business and office negotiations

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