renting caravans in iran

Caravans are hardly allowed to enter Iran. It is not common practice to drive home cars in our country and importing of its external models from the borders of Iran is usually difficult. Foreign tourists may have ever been the only ones allowed to use these “camper” cars in Iran.

The ISNA tourist service reporter says that travel caravans are homes or hotels on the wheel that streamline the journey around the world and fill vacant accommodations in unplanned routes. In many countries, travel with these caravans, all of which has a small house, is quite common, as companies offering these types of cars to tourists have dedicated areas for the installation of caravans and camps also rentalcariran.com also advice better way to rent caravans in iran.

The caravans are not just for tourists who are willing to travel cheap, but wealthy adventurers are also fans of the “mobile homes”, whose industry is progressing and has billions in price.

The lack of justification for the use of low-impact cars in Iran has led some enthusiasts to bring the technology to the earliest possible extent by shifting cars from trucks, buses and van to caravans in Iran.

But for some time, a car company has broken this taboo by producing Iranian caravans. While the entry of these cars to Iran has not yet been justified, some young people have managed to convince the traffic police to issue a driving license for these cars in Iran.

The price for Iranian caravans is between 70000 and 120000 dollar, as much as buying a house of fifty-sixty meters in the capital of Iran.

The producer of the caravan believed that the amount set for sale is quite proportional to the number and quality of the parts used. Hamid Reza Chavoshi, director of the production line for these caravans, says: “Only 40000 dollar have been paid for chassis that we built inside the country.”

According to him, Zerr has built up to one hundred caravans from Iranian companies, which include bathrooms, washbasins, gas, refrigerators, microwaves, TVs, video, water heaters, electric motors, sewage and fitted with a cooling and heating system, GPS, camera and sensors. Rear gear. The entire body of the car is insulated.

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This car maker has been working on a fully-fledged Iranian travel carriage about three years ago, which is not without a fault.

Chavoshi also acknowledged this and told the ISNA tourism journalist: “We did not use the foreign model to implement this idea, which was, of course, our mistake, because the product that was produced in Iran about 30 years ago, Europe produced it. Is. We did not use the way they went, and we went our own way. However, the Iran-made travel caravan is well-suited and I’ve tried it.

Of course, he admits that some of the work done on this machine has been abandoned and says that the drainage system is one of its disadvantages: “In Iran, we do not have an advanced sewage system that uses low-power machines, and we had to Pump and drain pipe.

The director of the company’s production line for the caravans about the problem of passing cars on the roads of Iran also states: For the first time in Iran the license of this car has been taken on sixth of the standard and guidance and driving department, the car is plated and on the card it is also “Caravan “It is recorded that after all these steps are delivered to the customer and there is no problem for traffic on the street and on the road.

He explains about the technical equipment of this camper machine: while trying to build a car cabin from internal parts and ideas, the engine caravan, “Nissan” Japan and its gearbox “ZDF” Germany. In fact, 60% of the machine parts are Chinese, and the rest is internal production.

Chavishi says: “The car supplies its electricity, diesel fuel is gasoline, the same car fuel.” Heater and water heater work with the same fuel.

According to Chavoshi, the arrival of Iran’s travel caravans was very impressive at the time it was unveiled. These caravans were brought to the exhibition area at the same time as the Tehran International Tourism Fair was held, which sparked the curiosity of many visitors.

Travel trains still do not have a production line in Iran and are built on a customer’s order. It takes a quarter of the time it takes to make any traveler’s car, according to its developers.