The introduction of eight major car rental companies in America 1

The automotive industry in the world is one of the world’s largest industries. That car rental is also a subset for the industry. It can be said that in the United States it is rented for the sake of the widest range of cars, which is why many companies in the United States and Canada are working, operating and providing services to their customers.

For example, you have been traveling to a city for a conference or trip that you had to use on an airplane due to distance or lack of time. Last weekend’s holidays included traveling. Best fun at this time car rental. The nature and the roads around the city is to get away from the fatigue and everyday life, now you can easily lease out of the car rental agencies and use it from the easiest to the most up-to-date car.

UUUU min - The introduction of eight major car rental companies in America 1

There are about 806 million light and heavy vehicles in the world, and these numbers and figures indicate the importance of the car in the world. Today’s life, whether unwanted or unwanted, has become heavily dependent on the car. Cars help people in various fields. In relief, in the wake of problems, wars and the importance of cars in our lives, most people tend to have a car and if they do not have the ability to have it For various reasons, they need to rent a car.

We are now introducing a very small part of the major American car dealership



One of the car rental companies is relatively expensive. Its average price for car rent is about $ 50 per day, but it does not have a small service to raise prices again, but for young drivers, they get more insurance and additional services. Of course, half of the rental car companies receive a higher rate for car rental for the younger category (due to the possibility of more accidents and higher engine and vehicle pressures), the company has about 6,000 branches throughout the United States, which is very good for customers. This company is. Because it’s easy to lease a car from another city and deliver it to another city, then the company will give its customers a great deal of discounts on long-term car rentals. And has its customers club, which sometimes offers great deals for its customers (it was founded after World War II).



It is a subsidiary of Alamo Corporation (which is a company associated with the hotel resorts in the world and online shopping of tickets). The National Car Rental Company has five customers with satisfaction and offers good offers to its customers. It is a very complete range of vehicles. From compact cars to large trucks to business trips, it has a perfect, affordable premium, as well as a reseller company, with many airlines and airlines. Can provide special services to its customers.


The company leases about 7% cheaper than the daily price of your car, about $ 42 and usually your mileage is free, while giving you special discounts from your own collection for stores and commercial and cultural sites. With whom they are involved, they support up to 5% of the teachers’ forum. When teachers rent a car they give them free gifts for a long time and have special services, and the same services have caused the institution and The company is well-known and successful among the people.