The introduction of eight major car rental companies in America 2

in this article we will introduce other rental companies:


If there is one of the largest car rental companies, there are 1,600 airports in the United States,in most of them has branch. The average rental price starts at 48.50. It is definitely the cheapest, but it is cheaper than some companies. They have strong counselors in providing you with the right budget and tasks. With a large number of compact economy vehicles, they also have large, spacious vans for family trips, as well as luxury cars and hybrid cars. For lovers of the environment, as well as with the Ford Motor Company Qara It has many Ford cars, it has a complete basket for choosing its customers, as well as a free flash program. For GPS, for city roads and visions, as well as with some parking lots, the city has a contract for Free stops



The company is one of the most expensive car rental companies, with an average daily average of $ 60, but on different sites, there are many discount codes available on various occasions when those who intend to use the company’s services use it. And special discounts. Those who use the company’s services are usually satisfied.

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luxury car


It’s just about the budget and revenue of exactly the company’s strategy for cheap and affordable services. The average cost of renting a car is $ 35 per day, which is one of the cheapest car rental rates. And more interestingly, for a long time to rent, you rent a car for free for a few days, up to 35% are usually cars of the type Japanese production. Honda and Toyota Prius are among the lowest in terms of customer satisfaction, but the price has been low. If you are looking for special services and value for the customer, you should look for a car rental company.



Another one of the cheapest car rental companies, with an average price of about $ 30 a day. If your priority is just the amount, it’s a good company to rent a car, but if your preference is a service and a type of car, it’s a good choice for you. is not . The cars of this company are most economical and sometimes worked slightly, and older than other commercial companies, it also has a variety of economic vans that are used most for animal transport.



The prices are relatively low, such as high-tech companies but is trying to provide better service to customers. It offers interesting suggestions to its customers. In certain times, which will enjoy the customers of these offers, there are plenty of places to collect and release cars at the level. America and Canada.


Each company and organization has its own strategy and follows it, for example, some are looking for competition at a low price, some are looking to provide special services to customers, and each has its own customers. Rent a car due to the social conditions of each day is under development and progress.

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