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The geographical, ethnic, cultural and historical background of Iran has made many tourists with every taste and interest in any age and nationality who are attracted to tourism in Iran and enjoy their journey.

According to the World Tourism Organization, Iran ranked No. 5 in terms of natural attractions and ranked 10th in terms of traditional and historical attractions. Due to its specific natural and climatic features, as well as historical and artistic works, Iran is very prone to attract tourists interested in tourism and tourism places, also because of its geographical features and its location on the East Asian and European routes. The term “Silk Road” has been widely considered internationally. The vast country as one of the oldest cradles of civilization, is among the world’s top countries in terms of its natural and historical capabilities. Biodiversity and the existence of four seasons and unique natural attractions along with original culture and the 5000-year-old civilization of Iran express and indicate the high ability of tourism development in Iran. Culturally, according to UNESCO reports, Iran has more than 4,000 tourism attractions in the group of 10 most civilized and ancient countries in the world, which has the most potential tourist attraction. Visiting cultural resources, historic works, historical buildings and local customs and dialects of our regions are very attractive for tourists around the world.


Due to our country’s favorable position to attract tourists, RentalCariran has provided diverse and attractive tours to foreign travelers:


Historical tours

Iran with a rich historical background and Persian culture is one of the oldest countries in the world. Decorative tiles and architectural masterpieces in the construction of historic sites have caused more than 20 historic sites in Iran to be recorded at UNESCO World Heritage sites. The extent and diversity of historical architecture in various cities of Iran, such as Shiraz, Esfahan and … is stunning. Rental car iran organizes historical tours for foreign tourists. Contact us for more information.

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Desert tours

Without a doubt, the desert is one of the most charming tourist attractions, and it has a high share in the attractiveness of nature. The sky is full of stars and the silence of the desert, sunrise and desert, sandy mosaics and its salt crystals are due to the interest of tourists in the desert. The breadth of Iranian deserts has made our country one of the driest regions in the world. Cities like Yazd, Kerman, Qom and Isfahan are cities that have vast deserts with unique beauty.

Seeing the salt lake and the experience of safari on sand dunes are some of the things that you will never forget about the pleasure and excitement. Rentalcariran offers the best and most up-to-date facilities like Hayes and Hyundai vanes for tours to lut desert for tourists.

Ancient Tours

The country of Iran with 5000 years of civilization is one of the ancient countries of the world and the cradle of civilization, and this high civilization has caused the vastness of the country to be filled with spectacular and beautiful artifacts that can not be seen anywhere in the world like them.

One of these works is Persepolis. This is a spectacular, magnificent and unique place that attracted the attention of a huge number of international tourists. Takht-e-Solomon, Bam, Pasargadae, Bisotun Stone, Shoushtar Aquarium, Azerbaijani Church and … are only a limited number of countless archeological works of Iran.

In the near future, we will give more details about the historical sites and tourist attractions and how to organize various tours on this page.

Ancient tourism

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