Kish; where you have to go

Kish; where you have to go
If you are traveling in the winter or you want to forget the summer heat and summer humidity, the persian Gulf is one of the best places to visit in Iran.
Hormoz is my favorite island. Hormoz is big enough to spend two good days. Its unique nature and outlook will certainly not be found elsewhere in the world. Imagine an island with attractive natural wonders, colorful soil…
Kish is one of the most beautiful islands in the Persian Gulf and branches from Bandar Lengeh. The island has a lot of historical, natural and recreational attractions, with priority list of travel destinations, especially domestic tourists.
Our beloved country, Iran, is a country of four seasones and southern Iran is one of the best travel options in the winter.
Meanwhile, Kish Island, with moderate weather this season, and many tourist attractions, is one of the options for travelers.
In the west of the Kish Island there is a cape called the kolbeye Hur. The bed of this cavern was rocky
And the aquatic habitat is like Hamur, Sarkhoo, Gangsar, clams and turtles.
In the days when the winds are low, people come to the cape for fishing. Divers also come to the hut for diving.
On the southern shore of the cape of the hole, there is a cave of 5 meters long, but its depth rises from north to south and continues to 8 meters, and it is very spectacular when full fashion.
The wild nature of this cape draws tourists to their side and the presence of holes in it causes a water eruption when the waves hit.
If you intend to buy from Kish shopping centers, pay attention to the auction season on Kish Island. Goods and goods in Kish are generally cheaper than other cities. So you can make a good deal every season from the year you travel to Kish. Like the city of Tehran, on the island of Kish, the last part of each season will be reduced to a variety of goods. When less tourist is in Kish, various goods are also discounted. Like: clothes or even kitchen appliances.
Also after the New Year’s Eve, in May, the goods were discounted. And from early October to mid-December, which is actually the reopening season for schools and universities, discounted goods too. Travelers can also get discounted rates by participating in the Kish tour and attending Kish summer festivals. These festivals start from early July and continue until September. But the air temperature at this time in Kish is 40 degrees. There is also a winter auction in Kish until the night of Eid

Rent a car for a comfortable patrol in Kish
For the convenience of yourself and your family, we would suggest that you rent a car from a reputable company that personally advises you on the rentalcariran.com experience. The terms and conditions for the company are as follows:
Having a valid ID card and a certificate is required.
Issuing a bank check item at the company’s Rental Company or cash in respect of possible damages to the vehicle as deposit. Check or guarantee is returned to the tenant upon delivery of the car to the company.
The price is 24 hours after delivery.
The cost of gasoline is the responsibility of the renter and if you have a fuel card you can use it on the island. You can get fuel from two gas stations located in the Goldis and Faroure area.
The amount of 300 $ for the probable traffic offenses will remain with the car leaver for at least three days and up to ten days, and will be refunded to you upon identification of the car’s offense.
Rental of Iran
– The seat belt is required.
– Hiking is prohibited on all pedestrians.
– Noise pollution is prohibited in Kish Island in any way.
– Disposal of garbage from inside the vehicle on Kish Island is prohibited.
– Penalties in Kish Island are twice as high as the mainland.
– The maximum speed on Kish Island in the main roads with the boards installed in the tourist guide is 50 km.
– In Kish streets, speed cameras are installed, and inspectors and carriers monitor the speed of vehicles.
You can see some of the prices of all kinds of cars in 1398 below, which you can choose the best option according to your budget.



Find your dream house or hostle in the cool!

Hostel is a cheap hotel! Passenger hut, which can be called a guesthouse, is a cheap accommodation. Usually, each passenger has a flat in a shared room with a number of other guests. Usually the facilities (bathroom and toilet) and the kitchen are outside the rooms and are shared.
The hostel is a low-cost sleeping area for renting single-room beds, and in fact a room between several people is shared. In the rooms there are usually between 2 and 8 beds.
If you are planning to travel and want to stay in the hostel, you should know that the hostels have nothing to offer from hotels in terms of facilities, and the only thing that lowers the cost of staying at the hostel is the simultaneous use of several passengers from a room.
Unlike hotels, the hostels have kitchen facilities and all kinds of cooking appliances such as stove, oven, microwave, bread toaster, pot, pan, plates, spoons, forks and glasses, etc., for cooking and There is eating. In general, the use of toilets and bathrooms and kitchens is common in the halls, in addition to being completely clean.
Well then, after exhaustion, it’s fun and fun and a delightful purchase of time