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Corporate Contracts With Rental Car Iran

Corporate Contracts with Rental Car Iran

The client denies any right to interfere in the internal affairs of the contracting company, such as the introduction of employees, the way of management and ………

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If the Contracting Party reports that the Contracting Party has little or no qualitative or quantitative failure to perform its obligations:

In the first step, the 2% penalty is deducted from the monthly commitment figure. In the second stage, the 3% penalty is deducted from the monthly commitment figure. In the third stage, 4% of the fine will be deducted from the monthly commitment figure.

In the event of loss or non-performance by the Contractor, the entity may recover a percentage of the amount of the Contract from the Client’s Securities, Warranties and Deposits.


Rent and contract with car rental companies for drivers

For Rent a Car and Rental Car Iran has some rules and regulations for drivers that we discuss together

  1. Have a minimum age of 23 years
  2. Having a valid driving license for the respective vehicle (Grades 2 and B 2)
  3. Provide a certificate of non-addiction
  4. Providing a certificate of non-effective criminal record as well as non-conviction or driving restriction
  5. Marriage (excluding women that are households)
  6. Training course (Note: Training is compulsory for drivers who have never seen the course).
  7. Accept all the obligations set by the organization in accordance with the instructions
  8. It will not be possible to provide services with all the cars of the model year 2017 and earlier.

Note: Registration does not mean driver’s approval and the driver must pursue his / her approval from a licensed carrier.

The registration will not be final until the driver of the covered company declares.

Payment of registration fee and issuance of activity license.

Once approved by the shipping company and approved by the organization, the driver will be issued with a certificate of qualification and the label will be announced by SMS.

Documents required to obtain a driver’s license

Authentication of the national card and the identity of the car owner and driver

The principle of driving license

Certificate of No Addiction

Certificate of Origin

The principle of car insurance

Principle of vehicle technical examination

Driver photo

Car card principle


There are a number of conditions for car renting with a driver for companies


  1. The driver must perform his / her duties seriously in servicing the customers.

2.The driver is obliged to be ready to provide service at all times of the year, according to the requirements of the companies in accordance with the previous agreement.

  1. Keeping the vehicle ready for maintenance in a timely manner, as well as being equipped with equipment, according to the cold and heat season.
  2. During the school year for various reasons it is possible to change the arrival and departure times of the service so the driver is obliged to cooperate with the companies and the contractor.
  3. Given that most of the employees’ dissatisfaction with the driver is due to ethical and misconduct, Rental car Iran has established its core policy of creating an appropriate culture and promoting the treatment of drivers with employees that drivers are also required to do these policy.

6- The driver is responsible for the service.

7.The driver is obliged to take the staff at the appointed time, not earlier, not later.

8.The first day of service, the station and the morning commute are coordinated with the staff and the driver is responsible for observing the time and location of the station.

9.Drivers on a daily basis 30 working days – 26 working days – 22 working days in different companies, who are obliged to provide service on the agreed working days and if absent on any days even on holidays (as agreed). ) The driver is fined and exchanged.

  1. In case of increasing the number of crossings from the agreed number during the month, a separate overtime shall be paid.
  2. The number of services exceeds the number of agreements in a month, the difference being calculated and paid.

12- If the employee is late in the morning the driver is allowed to stop for 5 minutes, call the employee’s home if possible, then move on.

  1. If the employee is absent at noon, be sure to contact the service officer to follow up.

14.The driver is under any circumstances responsible for the morning service and shall not be charged for the morning service if he or she is absent from the morning service, and is penalized 4 times the amount received by the driver.

15-If the driver is unable to provide a noon service, the driver shall be obliged to notify the service officer at least 5 hours earlier than the hour of service to be replaced if the service agrees, and if absent at noon, the driver shall be penalized 5 times.

16- Driver’s part time leave is only allowed 4 times and just at noon.

  1. In case of delayed driver, the employee will rent another car after 5 minutes and all costs will be borne by the driver.
  2. If the driver is suspended for at least one week, he or she must continue service or announce seven days in advance, otherwise he or she shall be subject to the Criminal Code for up to 3 days.
  3. Corporate contract is usually 6 months, Driver is obliged to service the end of months and after that the company increases costs in the new year.
  4. The driver’s monthly salary and function shall be settled after the end of the month until the seventh of the following month.
  5. Driver’s Assistance Drivers with a Management Vision and Service Officer Depending on the Driver’s Performance – Functionality – Required Amount of Drivers Received per Driver’s Year No driver’s right to object if not paid.
  6. The number imprests per driver per year depends on management vision and is up to 6 times.
  7. If required, notify your supervisor in writing at least 7 hours in advance, if appropriate they will pay your imprest.
  8. Talking to the employee in any case while performing the service is prohibited.
  9. Communicate with the employee as necessary.
  10. Suitable wearing for women is essential for a gentleman’s shirt is good wearing.
  11. Coordinate with the service provider if the employee does not use the service or absence
  12. It is forbidden to receive any money from employees.

29- It is forbidden to ride non-accompanying persons during the service.

  1. The driver is required to be present at the company 5 minutes before the company close and employee come.
  2. Car washing is prohibited in the company

32- It is forbidden to refuel and carry out personal work.

  1. Make sure you have the names of the staff at home so that you can coordinate in case of trouble.
  2. It is forbidden to use a tape recorder during service and turn on the radio in coordination with the staff.
  3. In-car smoking is prohibited at least 2 hours before and during service.
  4. Don’t talk to employees about financial matters.
  5. Drive with caution and patience and follow traffic laws to be a good role model for employees.
  6. Drive home early on snowy and rainy days to avoid delays.
  7. Try to keep the environment of the service environment calm and avoid stress and stress to employees.

40- The driver has no right to deal with the employee in case of a quick problem with the service coordinator.

41- The driver is obliged to receive the tag of taxi driver to provide service, otherwise the consequences are the responsibility of the driver.

  1. Having complete proofs of the vehicle and submitting copies to the service provider is mandatory.
  2. Taxes etc. shall be borne by the Contractor.

44. The cost of the label is borne by the contractor.