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Qeshm is Iran’s best tourist attraction in winter

Iran is a country of four seasons and it allows you to travel with great pleasure all round of country in year. Nearly most people choose spring and summer as the best travel seasons, and all of their plan for traveling is for the two seasons. But in the four seasons of the country, there are many beautiful places and places that are among the best destinations for winter trips, and perhaps less attractive to the tourist in the other seasons. There are many places in Iran that are spectacular in winter. You can walk on foot in the winter on the warm sand of the Persian Gulf that Overwhelmed by the heat in cold of winter in southern Iran, although you can walk to areas that are covered in snow and play in the snow in other areas in Iran.

To choose the right destination for your winter trip, you must first consider a few important points. First, is the weather cold for you or not ?! If you answered yes, cities in the south of the country would be the best choice.

The next thing that is very noticeable to people is how to travel by vehicle. To make travel easier and more economical, you can experience memorable trips wherever you are in Iran without renting a driverless car from Rental car Iran. Fortunately, Iran has its tourist attractions at all times of the year, and some of them are among the most attractive destinations as the best destinations for winter trips and escape from the cold weather.

Where can we travel in Iran in winter?

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So if you like traveling south in the fall and winter seasons, we can assure you that one of the best destinations for travel is Qeshm Island. The island that you can enjoy with  a temperate climate in the cold seasons, opening its warm embrace to travelers who want to stay away from the cold for a few days and can be a cozy corner to relax.

In addition to enjoying the seaside and seaside recreation of Qeshm, you can visit many of the tourist attractions such as Nice, Zaman Island, Coral Islands, Hormuz Island, Larak Island, Salt Cave, Star Valley, Harbors Cave, Mangrove Forest, Strait Visit Chahkouh and Port Laft.

Naz Islands

Naz Islands 5 - Qeshm is Iran's best tourist attraction in winter


The most important sights in Qeshm are the islands in this area. These beautiful islands include the Nice Islands, which have rocky walls and a surface of about 3 hectares. The amazing feature of this island is that you can walk on the water and walk one kilometer at sea when watching the tide and watch the beautiful islands without getting wet. From the rocky islands of the islands you can also see different views of the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz, Larak Island and the beach of Qeshm. Of course, you have to pay attention to the tidal hours of the water.

Hengam Island

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The island is located in the Persian Gulf at a distance of 2 kilometers and is actually in the southern part of Qeshm Island. There are many lead and salt mines on this beautiful island. If you want to enjoy the beautiful, colorful beaches and dolphins in winter, be sure to visit the island when it is time.


Coral Islands

Qeshm coral is one of the most beautiful and spectacular coral reefs in the world located in the waters of Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf. Types of micro-marine and aquatic species such as colorful fish can be found in different species. Tourists traveling to Qeshm Island and north of Lark Island know that Qeshm islands are close to these shores and have a very high capacity in this area.


Hormoz island

The small island of Hormuz has a very special lake and special beach. On the island’s shores, the waves are red and you will be amazed to see the scenery. The island of Hormuz is rich in minerals of different colors, especially red, so the color of the water waves on the island is red. Among the various Qeshmian options, Hormuz’s advantage is be virgin. Hormuz Island is famous for its red soil. The soil that creates the perfect blend with sea water can be one of the souvenirs of your trip. On the island of Hormuz, sightseeing such as the Sculpture Valley, the Mekneba Becker Island, the Rainbow Valley and the Strait of Hormuz should not be missed.

Salt cave

Namakdan Salt Cave 1 1 - Qeshm is Iran's best tourist attraction in winter
Qeshm Salt Lake Cave is a natural and very eye-catching phenomenon located 2 kilometers from Qeshm Island and is the longest salt cave in the world. This pristine natural attraction lies within a dome-shaped mountain on whose walls white salt streaks can be clearly seen. The candlesticks created by the island’s high humidity and water intrusion into the cave have created an eye-catching scene.


Lark Island

Lark Island is an unknown island with exceptional attractions alongside the islands of Qeshm, Hormuz and Bandar Abbas in the Strait of Hormuz, which can be a special destination for travelers. Lark and Hormuz have a waterway between them, which is used every day for cargo ships and large oil tankers. There is a strong castle on the island of Lark that, according to ancestors, it is not known exactly whether Nader Shah ordered it or belonged to the Portuguese and the Safavid era. There are now two hundred households with fishermen living in the fort, which can be seen as a reason to travel to this magnificent island.


Mangrove forest

The name of Qeshm is associated with mangrove forests, forests that are beautiful
09 Hara Forest Qeshm Island - Qeshm is Iran's best tourist attraction in winter