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Travel to Isfahan

Isfahan is the third largest city in Iran after Mashhad and Tehran. The beautiful texture of the city, historical minarets and beautiful works of art from the Safavid era have been left. Many monuments are registered in UNESCO. It is interesting that Isfahan and Rasht are registered as two creative cities in the network of creative cities of the world in UNESCO. To raise your awareness, we inform you that according to UNESCO standards, it is a creative city that uses the abilities of citizens and their innovation in urban development. In addition to beautiful buildings and historical monuments, the good treatment of citizens with travelers and guests of the city has attracted and expanded tourism in the city. Among the beautiful buildings of Isfahan, we can mention Naghsh Jahan Square, 33 Bridges, Khajoo Bridge, Aali Qapo, Chehel Soton Palace.

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The moving minaret, the extraordinary architecture of this building has attracted everyone’s attention, with the movement of one minaret, the other minaret becomes moving and lively, which is why it is called the moving minaret. Each tower is 9 meters wide and 17 meters high. Year of construction 716 lunar.

Thirty-three bridges, this bridge is built on the Zayandeh River, designed by Hossein Bana Esfahani. It has 33 openings. It is 295 meters long and 14 meters wide. Europeans, such as Percy Sykes and Dan Garcia, considered it one of the world’s first steps.

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Note that in addition to the tourism industry, there are other large factories and industries in Isfahan, for example, most gold workshops and factories in Isfahan.

I will tell you about the beautiful handicrafts of Isfahan, which is considered as a symbol for this city. Engraving, carpet weaving, woodcarving, metalwork, etc. are among the handicrafts of Isfahan, which I definitely recommend. If you travel to this city, be sure to prepare a souvenir for yourself, because it is both beautiful and valuable, and a hand-made work of art. Has been created. Craft image

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Climate of Isfahan

Isfahan’s geographical location has attracted more tourists. Why??? Because this city is located near the largest river in the central plateau or Zayandeh River. On the other hand, the Najan forest is located on the banks of the Zayandeh River. In order to better feel the water and the weather, I can tell you the temperature, in summer it is maximum 39 degrees Celsius and in winter it is minus 18 degrees Celsius.

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The official language in the city of Isfahan

Since you may be confused that you may not have trouble speaking and conveying the meaning in Isfahan, we promise you that the people of Isfahan speak the same Persian language with a sweet and charming Isfahani accent. There are really few people who do not want to hear the dialect of Isfahanis. Dear did not enjoy. Of course, from this tribune, we inform the dear people of Isfahan that they should learn ordinary English sentences as much as possible, so that both tourists are more comfortable and they can establish a more attractive relationship. At the same time, this will attract more tourists, and the more tourists are attracted, the more currency will enter the city and the greater the economic prosperity in the city.

If dear tourists want to worship, there are many churches in this city, especially in Julfa region.


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Foods and snacks

Iran is one of those countries that everyone who has traveled to this country must have enjoyed the food. Its great variety of food has been interesting to everyone. Local dishes of Isfahan such as eggplant, sham pen, stew of yogurt and roast. But I want to tell you something that I do not know where I have told you, the most delicious kebab you can eat in your life is Golpayegan kebab in Golpayegan region and the best honey available is Khansar honey. Because these areas are in the pastures, their unique climate promotes the growth of plants and healthy livestock, so you can find good dairy and meat there.

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How to travel to Isfahan?

There are several ways: 1. Aircraft, which is relatively more expensive.

  1. Tourist tours, you can search for a suitable tour with good conditions with a little searching.
  2. Rental cars, if you decide to travel alone, we suggest you rent a car for two reasons: 1- Be independent. 2- Do not get involved in taking a taxi at any stop and visit of places. 3. Taxis are not fixed, car rental is often cheaper.

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