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10 of the best cars in Iran (1)

10 of the best cars in Iran (1)

The history of car manufacturing in Iran dates back to the 1940s and today it is the largest industry in Iran after the oil industry. The two major automakers Saipa and Iran Khodro are responsible for the heavy production of the country’s cars. Iran produced more than one million cars a year in 2008, and this figure dropped to below one million with the re-imposition of sanctions in 2017. At the time of the sanctions and the end of cooperation between foreign automakers such as Peugeot and Iran, domestic automakers faced problems in supplying parts, and on the other hand, Chinese automakers, which were producing up-to-date cars with the advancement of technology, exported their cars to Iran. They had become one of the main competitors of these two companies. Cars return. Dena can be considered the first relatively new car of Iran Khodro, which can be seen in comparison with other production cars in the country’s automotive industry. In addition to the new models, the build quality of the cars has also improved relatively well, and we are witnessing more comfort and safety features in today’s cars. In 2012, due to the conditions of the imposed sanctions, the number of cars produced in Iran was reduced by half and reached about 740 thousand units per year. Relying on the knowledge and expertise of domestic experts, these two automakers were able to increase their annual production by supplying the required parts. Even now, they have taken a serious step towards progress, and in the next few years, we will definitely see new products and improvements in the quality of these automakers’ products. In this article, we have reviewed 10 of the top domestic cars that are able to compete with foreign cars in terms of quality. We tried to consider the quality of construction of these cars as the evaluation criterion and apply the price factor in the next step.

10.Peugeot 206 SD V8

The Peugeot 206 SD is the latest model in the 206 family to be designed as a family car with a trunk. This car, also called Peugeot Arian, was produced by the Peugeot design team in 2006 and has been sold in various countries, including Iran. Two 1.4-liter and 1.6-liter engines are designed for this car, of which only the 1.6-liter version is available. This car is marketed in V1, V2, V8, V9, V10 and V20 types, but now the V8 version of this car is being produced. . Compared to hatchback models, this car has a more hub advantage, which can be noted for higher stability and more adhesion to the road surface when cornering, which is due to the addition of the revised trunk and suspension at the rear. Is a car. More features such as automatic air conditioning, airbags and higher build quality have made this car a suitable option for Iranian families.



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9.Peugeot 206 Type 5

Peugeot 206 can be considered one of the most successful products of Iran Khodro. A car that, after about two decades of supply in the domestic market, still has its fans and customers. 206 was offered in types 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, but today only types 2 and 5 of this car are produced. Type 5 of this car is one of the best and most economical models of this car, and in the beginning of its supply, along with Peugeot Pars and Xantia cars, they were in the group of most popular cars in the market. The appearance of this car is still youthful and thanks to its technical strength, sufficient facilities and acceptable safety, it is the third most widely used car in Iran Khodro. France replaced the production or supplied by Peugeot for the production of 206 with domestic models. The new car looks just like the older generation 206s, and many of Peugeot’s exclusive systems were removed from the new model. Although this car is fundamentally different from its older generation, it still remains a popular car among the people.

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8.Peugeot Pars Automatic

 Peugeot Pars Khodro is an updated Peugeot 405 that was included in Iran’s product list by Iran Khodro in 2000. In the beginning, the name of this car was Safir and today it is marketed as Pars. This car includes LX, ELX and Sal models and is one of Iran Khodro’s best-selling products. The automatic version of this car was taken off the production line in 1392 and after a while in 1396 it entered the market again with TU5 engine. In appearance, this car is slightly different from ordinary Pars, and it has aluminum rim wheels with larger tires and side mirrors. Most of the changes can be seen inside this car, which has completely changed the shape of the dashboard, and it is called the Sonata dashboard. . Rear gear sensor, electric side mirrors and airbags for passenger and driver are some of the features of this car. Most parts of the dashboard are made of dry plastic, which is not of good quality and after a while causes noise in the car. Acceleration of 14.2 seconds indicates that the old powertrain and gearbox do not fit the body of the car. This car and Peugeot 206 products are one of the most widely circulated products of Iran Khodro. This issue has caused the assembly process of these cars to be fast and careless and has caused a decrease in the quality of these products.

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Dena is the second national car whose production project has been proposed by Iran Khodro officials since 2009 under the name of NX7 and was supposed to be marketed as an alternative to Samand car, but with the supply of this car, Samand will also be produced by Iran Khodro. The first generation of this car entered the market in 2014 and was introduced as a completely new car by Iran Khodro. By comparing the dimensions of this car with Samand, we can recognize the similarity and similarity of the platform of this car and completely reject this title. Of course, compared to other domestic cars, Dena production and design can be considered a great progress for this carmaker. The first series of this car faced many problems and over time Iran Khodro tried to eliminate these defects. . Less interior space compared to Samand car, lack of coordination between propulsion and car, which causes poor performance and not so good acceleration of this car, and inappropriate seats are some of the drawbacks and negative points of this car that still have not been resolved. Better design and more options have made buyers more willing to buy this car with Samand. Pars Thunder is one of the competitors of this car, a car with good propulsion and quality, but with simple features, and Dena, a car with a beautiful appearance, better features, but with the old EF7 engine. Dena was able to get 2 quality stars during the evaluations, while Pars Thunder got 4 quality stars.

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6.Thunder 90 E2

Iran Khodro has been looking for a replacement for this car for a relatively long time after the introduction of Peykan. The Thunder 90 or Renault Logan, also known as this in the global market, was considered as a replacement for this car. The first generation of this car entered the domestic market in 2004 and was very well received by the people, and until 2012, it was produced domestically with three models E0_E1_E2. This car was designed as a car for the middle class and did not have many features and options, and the company focused on the strength and quality of this car, so it was able to receive 3 safety stars from the prestigious European institution ENCAP. The different models of this car differ only in terms of internal features and equipment, and there is a slight difference in appearance with each other, and all three models use the same propulsion. One of the negative points of this car that most of its owners have stated is not having enough visibility in the rear part of the car, which is due to the large volume of the trunk and the trunk lid being at a higher height than other cars. The occupants of this car have a relatively good space and experience soft and comfortable riding with the help of good suspension systems and relatively isolated cabins. Low cost and low defect of this car is the reason for the popularity of this car in the country.

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5.Dena Plus gear

Dena Plus is an updated version of Dena that Iran Khodro added to its product list in 2016 and made it available to customers. This car has relatively acceptable changes in appearance compared to the previous version and has been launched with a more modern and attractive face. The shape of the headlights has changed and the daytime running lights have been installed on this model as standard. The lines designed on the body have helped a lot to make the car bulkier and more physique, and the use of chrome lines has not been ineffective in making the car more beautiful. The propulsion used in this car is the same as Dena car and is not different, but Iran Khodro has considered an automatic gearbox for fans of automatic cars for this car, which can attract a wider range of buyers for this car. The features and options of this car have been slightly updated and the use of good materials in the cabin of this car has been able to bring customer satisfaction. This car witnessed problems at the time of its initial release, which were later resolved by Iran Khodro. This car with a more modern appearance and up-to-date facilities is almost a head and neck higher than domestically produced cars, and with acceptable insulation of the cabin, a little noise enters the room and with the help of comfortable sports seats, a good trip for Provides you.

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In this article, we reviewed 10 to 5 Iranian cars, you can refer to the next article to read more. To be informed about the best Iranian cars in terms of technology and price, and to have the best choice.

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