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10 of the best cars in Iran (2)

10 of the best cars in Iran (2)

As you have probably seen, in the previous article, we reviewed the best Iranian cars from number 10 to 5, and if you have not read them, you can read them now. In this article, we also want to know the best Iranian cars from number 5 to 1 Let’s check both technically and in terms of price, so stay tuned for the rest of the article.


4.Peugeot 207


Peugeot 206 can be considered as the beginning of all the next products of this company, a car that with its attractive design in 1998 was able to become a popular car in foreign markets and after a while with supply in Iran in domestic markets. Peugeot 207i, which is a newer generation and a kind of facelift of this car, was launched as an Iranian car after a 4-year break in the production line of this car in 2016 and with the transfer of the production line of this car to Iran by the French company Peugeot. This car is sold with a TU5 engine with two 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual gearboxes and has more options than its older generation. The interior of the car has a lot of changes, such as a 7-inch monitor in the middle of the dashboard, a new steering wheel that hosts new keys such as cruise control, mobile phone and audio systems, and a new odometer. In the exterior, the main changes have been made in the form of headlights and with a prominent appearance, it has given a more beautiful face to this car. Apart from changing the car’s taillights, we do not see any other changes in this area. The use of dry plastic in the car cabin and normal suspension of this car is one of the negative points of the 207i.

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3.Renault Thunder 90 Plus automatic

The Thunder Plus can be considered the facelift of the Thunder 90, a car that was able to gain a lot of fans thanks to its good build quality, low fuel consumption and acceptable propulsion. The changes to the exterior, interior and car options are minor, and the powertrain used is the same as that of the Thunder 90, except that Renault has a 4-speed automatic transmission and a 5-speed manual transmission for this model. Added a chrome strip around the air intakes, a change in the door panel, which is very similar to Sandro doors, and the steering wheel with a new design is one of the interior changes of this car. One of the drawbacks of this car is its design, which is relatively simple compared to its competitors in the market such as Dena Plus. The material used inside the cabin is acceptable. This car has become one of the most painless cars on the market with good build quality, regardless of the features and options, and it is suitable for people who are not looking for up-to-date options and appearance for their cars.

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2.Renault Sandero automatic



Renault Sandero is the latest car that has been imported to the country by Pars Khodro Company in the Renault car group and has been marketed in two types, ordinary and stepway, which we have already discussed about the difference between the two. The import of this car was stopped due to the French carmaker’s disregard for the contract for the sale of this car to Iran and its cancellation. Renault products in Iran have a lot of fans due to the good quality of cars, relatively high life of car parts, good and comfortable ride, and Renault Sandero is one of these products. The car is also available in global markets and is known as Renault Dacia. The good quality of this car could not make the features and options of similar cars in this car ineffective and put Renault Sandero among the best-selling cars in the country. The excellent design of the car seats and dashboard allows the driver to have very good control and excellent view of the car and the route. Soft and comfortable ride and having a relatively good atmosphere are the positive features of this car. As we talked about 207, one of the problems of this car is the gearbox of this car, which does not provide very good acceleration for this car due to its low power and engine torque, and also increases the car’s fuel consumption by 8.5. Liter of the combined cycle of this car has been announced.

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 1.Peugeot 207 with automatic transmission

Peugeot 207 sedan is the latest product to be launched in the 206 and 207 family of cars and has been able to gain a good sales share in the market. This car was introduced to the market in early 1397, and following the good reception of the 207 hatchback, this car also attracted the attention of buyers. The overall shape of the car body is almost the same as the Peugeot 206 SD formats that entered the market before this car. Features such as a new steering wheel with audio control buttons and cruise control, daylight, camera and rear sensor, can be seen in this car, which in previous generations Peugeot 206 was provided to customers in custom packages. Combined fuel consumption of 7.3 liters per 100 kilometers is a standard that provides the title of low consumption for this car. One of the negative points of this carhttps://www.rentalcariran.com/

is its automatic transmission, which is one of the lowest quality power transmission systems on the market, and after a while, it causes problems for buyers. Apart from the weaknesses of this car, earning 4 stars in the quality category for this car and the facilities built into it, makes the 207 sedan a one of the best cars produced in the country.

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In this article, we tried to introduce you to Iranian cars and introduce the best cars at your service, I hope you have enjoyed reading this article enough.

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