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History of the car and the latest options(2)

History of the car and the latest options(2)

In the previous article, we introduced 10 of the most up-to-date car options in the world.
In this article, we want to introduce the second part, which includes numbers 10 to 20, to your service. We hope you enjoy the rest of the article.

11. Downhill and uphill control

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HAC, derived from the phrase Hill-start Assist Control, helps the driver as long as he stops on a slope and intends to start moving upwards HDC or Hill Descent Control This system monitors the speed of the vehicle as it descends from a slope or hill. This system helps you to detect the slope through several sensors and when you release the brake pedal, the car (unlike cars that are not equipped with this system) does not go back or forward and stays in place. If you do not press the accelerator pedal, the car will not move, but it will start moving by pushing the accelerator pedal without moving backwards or forwards.

12. Rain and light sensor

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Rain sensors and some other car sensors and radars are usually mounted on the inside of the windshield and in the area of the center mirror, in a place that does not disturb the driver’s view and can be detected with a black plastic cover. The system of these wipers is such that the infrared sensors that are connected to the outer surface of the glass, when the glass is dry, the maximum amount of infrared waves reaches the sensors and are reflected at an angle of 45 degrees, the wetness of the glass causes Infrared waves are reflected in different directions with angles less than or more than 45 degrees, when the reflection of infrared waves reaches the minimum possible value, the software in the wiper system turns on, the wiper speed also depends on the wet speed The setting of the glass is determined

13. Multi-mode electronic chairs

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This system records the driver’s seat and side mirror settings and allows the driver to access the pre-recorded settings at any time. Electric motors adjust the position of the seat based on the commands sent from the driver’s seat computer. , So that each person can adjust it according to their own taste, and when using it, each person can return the seat to its registered state by clicking on the memory, and no longer need to reset the seat for their own. Technical structure of chair memory:
1. Electric seat motor
2. Computer driver’s seat
3. The key to run the registered settings

14. Online connections

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One of the strengths of luxury car multimedia and entertainment systems was their ability to connect to the Internet and use online information to make better offers.
This position gave them unquestionably superior advantage over the information and multimedia systems of brands such as Mercedes-Benz (COMAND), iDrive and Audi (MMI) over lower-priced vehicles. With the development of communication networks and thanks to the 4G network, now most economy cars also benefit from the ability to connect to the Internet.


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AutoHold is an advanced option that has a great effect on both increasing your safety and comfort and eliminates the need for consecutive braking. AutoHold is actually an electronic parking brake developed and is mostly used in automatic gear cars. This system is activated by pressing the Auto Hold button, and after you take your foot off the accelerator pedal, the car stops without depressing the brake pedal. When the car stops, there is no need to hold the brake pedal and the car remains stable until You press the accelerator pedal again, releasing the brakes slowly and the car starts to move. The basis of AutoHold’s work is based on slope detection. Slope measurement is also done using a sensor and control is done through the ABS / ESC hydraulic unit. When the car is stopped, AutoHold applies the same brake pressure to the wheels and prevents the car from moving.

16. Blind spot alert

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Blind spot detection technology, or BSD for short, was first developed by Volvo. Blind spot detection is one of the key technologies that, using other available technologies, gives the driver a 360-degree view that helps him in this system of sensors, regardless of vehicle speed. They are installed under the side mirrors of the car and if activated by the driver, they start emitting short-wavelength waves. Due to their short wavelength, they are able to provide the driver with a more accurate position of the blind spots of the vehicle. The propagation of these waves is continuous and non-stop; Therefore, when an object is in front of these waves and interrupts their propagation path, the sensor transmits a message to the ECU or the car computer. This message is transmitted as a warning to the driver. This warning may be displayed on the driver’s front monitor or the lights mounted in the corners of the side mirrors.

17. Electric parking brake

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This technology is known as EPB, which stands for Electronic Parking Brake. This electric parking brake system was first used on the Audi A8 car and over time in 2009 it has been used on other Audi products as well. It is the wheels. In electric handbrake technology, each of the rear wheels has a separate electric motor that the car’s computer can use to lock the wheel. You can equip the electric parking brake with a security system so that only the driver can activate it, and no one else can. The electric car parking system works in two ways, which are: 1. Fully automatic 2. Electric car parking brake manual

18. Accident prevention

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“Collision avoidance system” in car security is a system that uses a radar signal or laser or sensor or camera to detect the possibility of an accident or warn the driver of the car or automatically act and take security action. (For example, activating the brake system).

The first example of this system was introduced by Mercedes in 2003 and on the S series of this car manufacturer. This system tightens the belts, closes the sunroof and returns the reclining seats to their original state before the collision. The accident prevention system is one of the active safety systems of the car and at the moment, it examines and processes many elements such as the driver and his driving mode, the presence of objects in the path of movement and environmental signs.

19. Drowsiness warning system

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Drowsiness alarm system introduced for the first time by Volvo. Volvo is one of the leading companies in the field of car safety equipment. In this system, a small camera is installed in front of the driver so that the whole face of the driver is in the field of view of the camera. This system captures videos of the driver at a rate of about 10 images per second and transmits the relevant consecutive images to the processor section. In the processor section, according to the image processing algorithms, the position and position of the driver’s eyes are extracted. And if his eyes are closed more than a certain limit, an alarm signal sounds and wakes the driver out of drowsiness. The system also warns when the driver is losing focus for reasons other than drowsiness. For example, when the driver is too focused on navigation or audio system.

20. Line crossing warning system

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LDWS, or Line-Up Alarm System, is a system that continuously checks the road lines with the help of a camera installed in the front of the car (behind the windshield) through the image processing method. Alarms the driver if the driver deviates from the road line without hitting the guide. This safety system is installed in the car to prevent driver distraction and drowsiness. In different vehicles, the driver is notified of the driver’s seat vibration as well as the seat belt is retracted in the form of a horn from both sides. This system, which was first used in 2000 in a truck, has undergone many changes and improvements to date.


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