New inventions in the automotive industry

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    New inventions in the automotive industry

    New inventions in the automotive industry

    Perhaps in the past, it was possible to see some strange technologies and technologies only in movies, and all of them were dedicated to cinema. Flying machines and cars that had advanced technologies. But smart technologies are no longer just in movies, they have all come true. Follow us by reviewing new inventions in the automotive industry.

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    New car technology

    Many of the technologies that have been developed so far in the automotive industry are all related to greater safety in driving and comfortable human transportation, technologies that will change the future of the world’s cars. Although many technologies are still being developed in the automotive industry and not much information is available about them, but we have prepared 5 of the latest technologies in the automotive industry for you.

    V2V technology or car to car It has happened many times that you intend to cross the red light and have the right of way, but another car passes the light and hits you, and none of the drivers saw the other car or did not react properly. V2V technology is a technology that sends your car to another car to warn, slow down, or even brake and stop the car if it detects an accident.
    The technology has recently been tested by Ford to reduce the number of accidents and increase the safety of cars and people. V2V or Vehicle-to-Vehicle technology works on a wireless basis and sends an alert signal to other vehicles in case of danger.

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    Other vehicles also maintain a safe distance according to the received messages and prevent accidents. This technology is currently being studied and developed at MIT and its algorithm is being developed. This algorithm, when completed, uses the information obtained to predict the necessary probabilities and appropriate measures to prevent the occurrence of the accident.

    Preliminary studies have shown that this technology reduces the probability of accidents by 79%. Along with this technology, another type of technology is being studied, which is known as V2I for short and is used to receive information from traffic signs and signs. This technology helps cars and drivers to detect oncoming traffic and find the best access route. Most of the world’s automakers have announced their readiness to use this technology and are working to make use of it.

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    Cars are not very advanced technology and the idea has long been proposed and examples of it have been produced. Such cars and the dreams they have for them have been seen many times in the movies and on television, but a car with automatic driving capability must have several capabilities. In recent years, Google engineers have used their cars on public roads and highways for final testing. In the studies conducted, these cars have covered a distance of more than 321869 km, and the sole purpose of this test was not to show the power of self-driving cars.

    in addition to driving, Google Cars also took photos of the roads on which they were moving to examine all aspects and signs of the road and provide more detailed computer maps.

    With such a process, better alternative routes are provided, and if there are road signs and traffic lights, your car will make the necessary predictions much sooner than you see anything. Automobiles work through lasers, radar, and various cameras used in their construction and react much faster than humans. The use of such technologies is also effective in reducing road accidents and people’s safety.

    In Google surveys, self-driving cars have even traveled the same route many times to identify much more information and details and to fully identify the road. They can also quickly identify which part of the road pedestrians will cross to stop quickly and prevent accidents.

    Using self-driving cars by eliminating the human factor will reduce the probability of accidents by up to 95%. One of the leading companies in completing and using this technology is General Motors, which has taken its first prototypes to the manufacturing stage, but it is predicted that it will not be possible for these cars to enter the global market in the next decade.

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    Virtual reality smart dashboards

    Many new generation cars have screens on their windshields that are directly in front of the driver. This technology has been used in most brands and luxury cars in the world for several years. But in the not-too-distant future, cars will provide much more information and detail to the driver while driving.

    The technology we’re talking about is something we’ve seen a lot in similar fantasy movies. A robot looks at objects and people around it and all the information about anything appears before its eyes.

    Virtual reality footboards will have similar technology, and BMW is one of the leading companies in using such technology. Of course, this technology has not been perfected yet, but even now, the range information of cars is being checked using them.

    For example, when there is a possibility of an accident, this display uses the arrow to show the driver the paths that move in that direction will completely eliminate the possibility of an accident. Virtual reality technology will go a long way in the process of completion, but thanks to increasing technologies, we will soon see their widespread use in all vehicles of the world.

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    Car stop airbags Airbags or bags have been added to all cars for many years and play an important role in ensuring the health of the occupants. Today, we see a variety of airbags that are installed in different parts of the car. But in recent years, there has been an investigation into the production and use of airbags that are embedded in the exterior and interior of the car to not only reduce the risk of collision, but also to stop the car completely if necessary.

    This technology uses airbags that have abrasion coverage and are the newest type of airbags in the car. Not all cars in the world may be equipped with this technology soon, or all cars may not be capable of such technology at the moment, but in newer versions of cars like Mercedes, this technology is being installed and implemented.

    Such airbags act as soon as they detect the possibility of an accident and stop the car to prevent an accident. These airbags lift the car to a height of 8 cm and prevent the car from slipping on heavy brakes. Mercedes-Benz has been working on this project for many years, but we may not see the ubiquity of this technology soon.

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    Energy storage panels

    Although we live in an age of increasing technology and we are witnessing a new generation of technologies every day, we have not yet seen as much progress in the two industries as we should. One is the data storage industry such as flash drives, and the other is energy storage panels and batteries.

    Exxon Mobile is one of the leading brands in the energy storage industry and has announced that by 2040, half of the cars produced by all brands in the world will be hybrids. Although this is very important news especially for the environment, but the main problem is in the production of car power supplies.

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    Even in recent months, there have been reports of mineral shortages for hybrid batteries. Despite advances in technology, no progress has been made on the production of power and energy sources. Lithium-ion batteries are both too heavy and take up a lot of space and have many limitations in the process of use and recharging.

    But in European countries, nine carmakers are widely considering bodies that can be used in storage resources. These panels are made of a type of polymer fiber and carbon resin that are strong enough to be installed on the body and have the necessary flexibility and weldability.

    The use of such panels has reduced the weight of the car by 15% in total weight. The technology used in these bodies is such that they can be charged even using brake force. Toyota is one of the pioneers in this field, which has widely used light energy storage panels. Of course, the company has not limited its work process at this stage and intends to add solar energy technology to such panels. Of course, such technologies, even the use of solar panels, are not yet economically viable and may not be widely used for years.

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