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8 reasons for welding a car engine

8 reasons for welding a car engine

8 Reasons to Weld a Car Engine In the summer, one of the biggest problems drivers struggle with is welding the car. Of course, this can also happen in winter.

In this article, we try to answer three main questions related to car welding: What is the cause of car welding?

How can a car be prevented from boiling? And finally, what to do when welding a car?

Your car may not be leaking, but coolant may have other problems. You may have used an inappropriate coolant for your car engine, or the water to coolant ratio may be high or low. These problems can cause the engine to overheat. If you feel the problem is with the coolant, it is best to drain the coolant according to the manufacturer’s instructions and refill it with the right ratio of coolant and water.

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3. Clogged hoses

If the problem is not leaks or coolant, fine particles or dust may clog your car’s hoses and prevent coolant from circulating in the engine. Purifying and cleaning this system and then refilling the cooling tank is the best way to solve this problem.


4. Water pump fracture

The job of the pump is to deliver water and circulate the coolant in the car engine. The slightest problem with your car’s water pump can cause the car to boil. Your car’s water pump may be leaking, broken, or the impellers may be stuck.

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5. Thermostat failure

The thermostat’s job is to maintain the car’s temperature and adjust the amount of coolant that enters the engine. If your car’s thermostat has a problem, the car will not be able to maintain its temperature, and as a result, the proportion of cooling in your car’s engine will be disrupted and the car will overheat.


6. Engine oil

The job of engine oil is not just to smooth the movement of the various engine parts, your car engine oil has a direct impact on how heat is released from engine performance. If your engine oil is not at a sufficient level, the engine temperature will rise and the chances of it boiling will increase. Check your engine oil level and do not forget to change your car engine oil at the appropriate time according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

7. Radiator fan

Your car fan may have a problem for a variety of reasons. If the radiator fan does not turn on or the rotation speed has a problem, the car temperature will rise and boil. Radiator fans are usually electric, so it may be a little difficult to figure out the cause of the problem. In this case, it is recommended to leave your car to a qualified repairman.

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What to do when welding the car?

  1. Turn off the car air conditioner and open the windows.

This reduces the pressure on the engine and helps the engine cool down faster. Also, if you park on the side of the street, immediately raise the hood of the car to cool the engine faster.


  1. Turn on the car heater.

It may seem strange, but by turning on the heater, the heat of the engine can be transferred to the occupants to cool the engine.


  1. If you are stuck in traffic, release the car gear and give some gas.

This speeds up the water pump and the radiator fan, and more air and liquids enter the radiator. Increasing the air and fluids in the engine circulation cools it and thus prevents your car from boiling.


  1. Use less brakes.

If your car engine temperature is rising in traffic, it is better to move very slowly and use less brakes instead of stopping completely. Consecutive braking increases the engine load and thus causes the car to boil.


  1. Stop along the way.

If you feel that your car temperature is rising abnormally, move to the right and park on the side of the road or street and allow the engine temperature to drop.


  1. Check the radiator water.

Be careful not to open the radiator door immediately if your car is boiling, as boiling water may spill out violently. If you need to add water to the engine after the engine has cooled down, add water while the car is on and off.


  1. If necessary, fill the coolant tank.

Check the coolant level of your car and fill the tank if necessary.


  1. Try to find the location of the cooling system leak.

The most common cause of car welding is a leak in the cooling system. If you are familiar with the technical issues of your car, look for a leak and try to cover it. Otherwise, get help from a specialist repairman or car rescuer.

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We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to prevent the car from boiling and if you encounter a problem, fix it yourself. Keep in mind that safety is paramount when it comes to car repairs, so if you feel you do not have enough expertise to handle car welding problems, be sure to get help.


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