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Car world; It became America’s most popular electric car

  • Car world; It became America's most popular electric car

    Car world; It became America’s most popular electric car

    Car world; It became America’s most popular electric car

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    ‘Historic Moments’ for Ford

    Ford unveils electric prototype of popular F 150 pickup. This car is called “Lightning” or lightning and its production will start next year. The Lightning Pickup is the first best-selling car in the United States to be marketed with electric propulsion.
    Ford electric pickup is not much different in appearance from the gasoline model. The most important change is the addition of cargo space in front of the car. Another feature is the conversion of the car console into a work desk. The rear door of the van can also be used as a desk.
    Eleven electrical outlets are installed in different parts of the car to power the power tools, and battery power can also be used to power the house. Ford says the most powerful model of this van can power a house for three days.

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    The car has two electric motors that produce 426 horsepower in the standard model and 563 horsepower in the more powerful model. Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h is about four seconds.
    Ford says the standard F 150 pickup can travel up to 370 km on a single charge. The maximum distance that the more powerful model can travel with each charge is 483 km. According to the factory, charging the battery from 15 to 80% with fast chargers takes 44 minutes. It takes 14 hours to fully charge the batteries with household electricity.
    Ford CEO Jim Farley called the construction of the F-150 electric model a “historic moment” and described it as crucial to moving the auto industry toward electric propulsion.
    Ford F-Series vans have been the best-selling vans in the United States for the past 43 years. The F 150 is also the best-selling car in the United States, and Ford generates about $ 42 billion in annual sales.

    Buyers’ acceptance of the lightning pickup truck not only guarantees Ford’s future, but also instills a culture of riding electric cars in society and will have a significant impact on air pollution in the United States.
    The car is so important in the success of the US government’s air pollution reduction programs that it has drawn President Joe Biden to Michigan and Ford headquarters. The day before the unveiling, he visited the factory where the electric van was to be built and drove one of the vans for a few minutes.
    Ford sells the car cheaper than its competitors to attract buyers. The base price of the standard model is about $ 40,000. Car prices in some states are even cheaper than gasoline models due to government subsidies. The price of the most luxurious car model is $ 90,000.
    GM, meanwhile, has set the price of its انت Hummer’s electric pickup at $ 112,000, and the base price of another Rivian’s pickup is $ 80,000.

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    The last round of honor

    Lamborghini announced its plan to build electric cars. The Italian automaker will invest $ 1 billion and $ 800 million in hybrid powertrains over the next four years, launching its first all-electric model in the second half of this decade.
    Lamborghini CEO Stephen Winkelmann said in a statement that this was the largest investment in Lamborghini history. According to him, the purpose of this investment is to reduce the pollution of the company’s machines and at the same time find a way to improve the speed and power of the factory’s products.
    Before the program begins, Lamborghini says it plans to build two new models with its famous twelve-cylinder engine to celebrate internal combustion engines.
    In 2019, Lamborghini produced a very limited number of hybrid models called the Cyan. In addition to the 774-horsepower twelve-cylinder engine, the Cyan has a 34-horsepower electric motor. The maximum speed of the car with this driving force is 350 kilometers per hour.
    The plant plans to halve the production of carbon dioxide by 2025.

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    Happy old days

    Apple Concept was built based on one of its most famous models in the 1970s. Apple says that by building the Manta concept, it wanted to link the German factory history with future technologies of the factory products.
    Apple launched two generations of the Manta between 1970 and 1988. The name of the car is derived from the name of an animal in the style of American sports cars in the seventies. Manta, or fish table, was Apple’s response to cheap American sports cars, and was introduced when two-door cars were popular.
    Apple sold more than 56,000 mantas in its first year, producing a total of more than one million units of the two generations.

    Apple’s new concept is a modern take on the first generation Manta. Instead of a windshield, there is a digital display on which, in addition to the factory logo, various messages can be displayed. Apple says that this way the car can communicate with passers-by and drivers of other cars.
    The new Manta is equipped with electric propulsion instead of a four-cylinder engine. The car’s engine can travel up to 200 km on a single charge, and unlike other electric cars, its gears are manual.
    The interior of the car is more similar to the current Apple models, but parts such as the steering wheel and handles are inspired by the classic model.
    Apple says it has no plans to mass-produce the manta, and just wants to remind you that electric cars can be as exciting as classic cars.
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    Meet the pop without air pollution

    Fischer, the American electric carmaker, has announced that it will build a special model of its long chassis for Pope Francis. This car is the first electric car to be built for the world’s Catholic leader.
    Fisker is set to begin production of its first product, Ocean, in 2022. The car that will be built for the pop is based on this electric chassis. According to the upholstery factory, it is made of recycled materials and its roof has a solar battery.
    Henry Fisker, the factory manager, says the pope’s attention to the environment inspired the project, and he showed the pope the car designs on a trip to the Vatican.

    Fisker products are made in a factory in Austria owned by Magna, a major Canadian component maker. Fisker did not say how much the car would cost, but the base price of the Ocean High Chassis is about $ 40,000.
    Although Pope has never had an electric car, this is not his first car without an internal combustion engine. Last year, Toyota designed and donated a hydrogen-powered device called the Mirai to the pope’s public meetings.

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