License plate reading with CCTV camera

  • License plate reading with CCTV camera

    License plate reading with CCTV camera

    License plate reading with CCTV camera

    License plate reading with CCTV camera , Hikvision , like other companies in this field, is a pioneer in all three manufacturing technologies. To buy a Vision CCTV camera, it is better to know the models of Vision cameras.
    According to ISNA, according to the market camera, one of the capabilities of special CCTV cameras is license plate reading. In most thefts committed by car or motorcycle, having a license plate number, you can easily search for the thief and find the atmosphere.
    Cameras that are installed on your doorstep, parking lot and even in your shop and have the ability to have your characteristics, if they can easily help you in the worst case of plague.
    Reader license plate camera is one of the most useful and popular cameras among other cameras.

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    The features of this camera that make it special are as follows:

    Plastic cameras have a reader exactly compared to other cameras.
    · They have a better camera at night.
    · More detail in this camera.
    License plate readers are more resistant to the weather.
    Due to the attention to detail, you must have high image quality.
    Focus on detail for license plate reading in this advanced camera.
    You can control and manage this CCTV camera remotely.
    · It is possible to identify the car brand and even Katif license plates with this camera.
    The plastic reader camera also has face recognition features.
    Burst shooting is one of the best features of a license plate reader camera.
    Spectacular license plate reader cameras can send alarms and alerts.
    · You can create a blacklist for the camera.
    The license plate reader camera does not read the license plate if it changes the movement of the car or sees a license plate with a shape and font.

    License plate reader is a practical device on the street, house doors, roads and even store doors. In fact, this Hikvision CCTV camera has many applications in all outdoor areas where the car passes.

    The license plate reader camera, like other cameras, may have problems and problems. Due to the distance from the license plate and high altitude or low resolution, the camera may show blurry or inaccurate images.
    Intense light or shadows affect the quality of the images, but technologies have been developed to prevent this. Unpredictable movement of the car to another line or different fonts in different license plates and shapes that are not defined in the camera, are other factors in the decline of camera performance.

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    Features of Hikvision license plate reader camera

    As the name suggests, this camera registers license plates. Depending on the conditions that the person sets for the license plate reader camera, the camera can be daily or weekly or monthly or according to the specified time (from …… to …….) Prepare a report.
    Hikvision CCTV Camera can search and report a specific license plate according to the time and date you are considering. This camera is more used in gates.
    You can create a blacklist for this camera and it will alert you if there is a problem or you see the license plate you want. The license plate reader CCTV camera monitors the factors you have specified in its system according to your needs.

    What you need to know to buy a license plate reader camera

    To buy any product, you must first determine your goal, especially when the product has many uses. The budget you are considering to buy a license plate reader CCTV camera is the next important factor. Digital cameras are more expensive than analog and are used in commercial installations.
    Determine the resolution according to the application and expectations that you have from the license plate reader CCTV camera. If you want to be more accurate in shooting, consider the full HD quality.
    The lens is another influential factor that is very important in buying a camera, and there are different types of lenses that can be changed and can be selected, depending on the application of the camera.
    Angle, height, light and distance to the car are important factors that you should consider when buying a camera. By considering these factors, you can make a cheap purchase at a cheap price. In general, research and inquiries before buying will help you a lot.

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