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Iran tourist attractions that you should see at least once

  • Iran tourist attractions that you should see at least once

    Iran tourist attractions that you should see at least once

    Iran tourist attractions that you should see at least once

    Iran is one of the attractive cities for domestic and foreign tourists. The reason for this is the various and attractive attractions that can be seen everywhere in Iran, from ancient historical sites and ancient monuments that show the rich culture and civilization of Iran, and four seasons that provide places with good weather and greenery. Created.
    If you want to travel and look for tourist attractions in Iran and you like to make the most of your vacation, be sure to read these tourist places in Iran before traveling. (Of course, travel and tourism after the Corona Ishala virus) To get acquainted with the sights of Iran, join Rental Kar

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    The city of Parseh or Persepolis has several sections and palaces, of which Rajab can be mentioned. In the northwestern part of Persepolis, there is a large entrance with 111 steps that leads to the Gate Palace of All Nations. After that, we pass the courtyard of Apadana, see the palaces of Apadana, Thatcher and Hadish, and continue our way to the northeast to the palace of the three gates, the harem or the interior (museum), the half-finished gate and the fortifications and fortifications. Let’s ignore. Then we go up the eastern hill and watch the tombs of Ardashir II and III.

    Important points of Persepolis that you should know

    UNESCO registered address
    Made by order of Darius the Achaemenid
    Important celebrations and ceremonies were held there
    In Alexander’s invasion of Iran, he was burned by the Greek army
    Made of several palaces

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    Valley of the Stars

    Natural masterpieces cover the whole of Qeshm Island. The exotic rocks of this valley make you feel like going to Mars.

    This valley is located 5 km from the village of Barake Khalaf. Scientifically, soil erosion has shaped the valley, but villagers believe it was formed by a falling star.

    You have to wait until night to see the stars. Valley of the Stars is part of Qeshm Geopark, the only geopark in the Middle East. The best time to visit this spectacular place is late winter and early spring.

    Reaching the top of the valley, in addition to the pleasure of watching the beautiful scenery, gives you a good opportunity to take photos. To reach this valley, it is enough to drive to the south road for 25 minutes and reach the valley after looking at the Khurbas caves and the golden beach.

    Important points of Star Valley that you should know

    Stargazing and the Milky Way at night in this valley is unique
    Strange and special shapes of sand dunes that make this valley look like Mars
    The shapes of its rocks
    As the weather gets darker, noises are heard due to strong winds and air circulation in the pillars and cavities of the Star Valley. This has led some residents to believe that at night when it is dark, ghosts and goblins They come here and commute.

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    Nasir Al-Molk Mosque

    Mosques are one of the sights of Iran and many beautiful mosques have been built throughout Iran. But perhaps the most beautiful mosque in Iran is located in Shiraz, in the neighborhood of Good Arab (Lotfali Khan Zand Street).

    Nasir al-Molk Mosque was built near the tomb of Shahcheragh during the Qajar period. The pink color of the tiles and glass has made this place known as the Pink Mosque. The lighting and eye-catching architecture of this mosque have created a mystical atmosphere.

    If you want to watch the peak of Iranian art, all you have to do is go to the mosque at 7 in the morning. Seeing the pictures of this mosque tempts everyone to travel to the Iranian city of Baharnarange to see it. The construction of this building took 12 years and each of the courtyards, porches, and naves of your mosque will amaze you with their beauty.

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    Shushtar; The capital of the world’s water structures

    Shushtar is a small but historical city in the north of Khuzestan province and is 90 km away from Ahvaz.

    Two rivers, Karun and Dez, pass through this city, and the water structures of Shushtar are among the sights of Iran that have been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    These water structures date back to the reign of Darius the Achaemenid. The people of that period designed intelligent sets of bridges, canals, dams and large tunnels to direct water.

    Among the sights of this city, we can mention Dariun Creek, Pergola Tower, Yaqub Laith Saffari Tomb, Karai Protected Area, Lashkar Bridge, Mostofi House, Salasel Castle, Shadruvan Bridge, Moin Al-Tajjar House, Bagh Khan and Jame Mosque. .

    The easiest way to travel to this city is to use the train, and the best time to travel to this area is late winter and early spring.

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    Hormoz island

    Hormoz Island, 16 km from Bandar Abbas, has been called the land of colors and is one of the most beautiful and special places of interest in Iran. Red soil and yellow, white and red mountains will give you a unique view.

    The pleasure of exploring the island alone can make a memorable trip for you. After reaching Bandar Abbas, you can reach Hormoz Island by fast boats from Haqqani Wharf.

    The most interesting thing that will catch your eye at first glance is the red mountain, which the locals have covered with mud. The taste of the food you will eat on the island of Hormuz is different from the taste of all the food in the world. The reason for this difference is the use of a spice called suragh, which is prepared from the same red soil.

    The island is called the paradise of geologists because of its colorful soils. The moment you encounter the colorful soils of the island and the blue water of the Persian Gulf always brings indescribable beauty.

    The island was occupied by the Portuguese at some point in history, which resulted in the construction of Iran’s largest fortress. The Valley of Silence is one of the most spectacular areas of the island, where if you put your hand in the water for a few minutes, a layer of salt crystal will form on your hand.

    Walking in the second half of the year on a mysterious beach and seeing the sunrise and sunset along with the unique color spectrum, has made the island of Hormuz one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Among the sights of Hormoz, we can mention the colorful valley, the valley of sculptures, the museum of Dr. Ahmad Nadalian, and the carpet of Hormoz.



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    Maharloo Lake

    The strangest tourist attraction of Shiraz is Maharloo salt lake.

    The amazing thing about this lake is its pink color. The lake turns red in mid-summer because of the high rate of evaporation and salt concentration, which causes the formation of algae, which exposes you to a pink lake.

    The combination of white salt and red lake color has created a magical harmony for domestic and foreign tourists. This lake is a safe haven for birds, especially flamingos.

    Maharloo Lake is located 57 km from Shiraz to Fasa road and near a village of the same name. After visiting the lake, you can visit the gardens full of almond, fig and pomegranate trees in Maharloo village.

    The best time to visit this lake is from mid-autumn to mid-May, because with the onset of rainfall, the water depth of the lake reaches 1 to 3 meters.

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    On a trip to Qeshm Island, you can visit an attractive and strange place called Star Valley. This valley is one of the rare masterpieces of nature. The people who live around this valley believe that the people of the island believe that in ancient times a star fell from the sky into the heart of the island and created strange shapes from soil, stone and sand.

    Important points of Choghaznabil that you should know

    One of the first ziggurat shrines in the world
    It is one of the works registered by UNESCO
    It was built during the Elamite era
    It is the first religious building in Iran
    It is a multi-storey staircase building that was destroyed due to time and various reasons and now it has 2 and a half floors.

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    Treasure Lake

    The current economic situation has made everyone look for treasure. Lake Ganj or Lake Takht-e Soleiman is located 45 km from the city of Takab in East Azerbaijan Province.

    The natives believe that this lake was created with the beating of Solomon’s staff and in the past, countless treasures were hidden in this area.

    The boiling spring of this lake is 112 meters deep, which has caused its water to heat up to 40 degrees Celsius. The Throne of Solomon complex is located in a lush and pleasant climate and is free to visit.

    This complex has an ancient history and is believed by many people to have been the birthplace of Zoroaster. It may be hard to believe, but even the Europeans have gone deep into the lake several times to find the treasure, but the great depths and sediments have hindered the progress of the explorers.

    Swimming is forbidden in this lake, but maybe one day the historical treasures of Iran will be discovered in this area.

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    Anzali Wetland

    Anzali Wetland is one of the most beautiful wetlands in Iran that will delight you. This wetland has fresh water and is located in the south of Anzali port. The 15,000-year-old wetland makes every tourist visit this beautiful place.
    Biodiversity, water lilies, reeds and sea tulips, amazing scenery are some of the unique features of Anzali Wetland. Boating, fishing and bird watching are some of the most popular activities you can experience in the area.

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    Kariz Kish

    Kariz Kish is an underground city with historical architecture and one of the most stunning sights in Iran. This karez is located in the heart of the only coral island in the world. Shells and corals dating back thousands of years have covered the city. The only coral mosque in the world with a roof full of fossils and marine fossils has been built in this underground city.

    When traveling to this spectacular place, do not forget to visit the Persian Gulf Museum, the ancient aqueduct, the wells, the photography studio and the natural water treatment plant.

    The soil of this karez has healing properties and is used in mud therapy.

    The water of the aqueduct is always cool and does not change during the year. So it does not matter in which season you travel to Kish, Kariz Kish is always one of the sights of Iran. After the investments made for renovation, this canyon can now be called an international tourist attraction.

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    Biston and Bostan Arch

    Kermanshah has 3,000 historical monuments, 716 of which have been registered as national monuments. In the meantime, a unique work has been registered worldwide. This spectacular place is called Biston, which is located 30 km northeast of Kermanshah. The location of this spectacular place along the Silk Road has attracted the attention of many kings. Biston, with its striking beauty, has many ancient inscriptions and inscriptions that will nail you. Many historians have mentioned the description of this ancient city and the sculptures of Biston and Bostan Arch in their books.

    The inscription of Darius the Great embodies him and Ahura Mazda. The statue of Hercules, an ancient Greek myth, is another Biston motif. Farhad’s wall is a romantic mountain in the heart of the rock that catches the eye of today’s lovers. The most prominent work that can be seen in Bostan Arch is the image of the last Sassanid king. The inscriptions of the boar hunting ground, the coronation of Khosrow Parviz and Ardeshir II have also been carved in the heart of the mountain. The summer climate of Taq-e-Bostan has provided a pleasant recreation area for the public to visit and to set up picnic facilities and rib kebabs.



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