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Everything about Istanbul

  • Everything about Istanbul

    Everything about Istanbul

    Everything about Istanbul

    Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and its cultural and economic center. The city is located next to the Bosphorus Strait and the Sea of Marmara. The Bosphorus Strait separates the two continents of Asia and Europe, and Istanbul is the only major city in the world located on two continents. The natural port of Golden Horn or the bay is located in this city. The metropolis has been selected as the European Cultural City for 2010. Every year, many tourists travel to this city by buying a tour of Turkey, or in other words, a tour of Istanbul or buying a plane ticket to Istanbul. In the following, we will provide complete information about the city of Istanbul. Join us.

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    History of Istanbul

    The history of Istanbul has been very complex and difficult, because there have been many incidents and events in this city in the past. Today, Istanbul is known for its historical antiquity in the world, which has been ruled by great empires such as Iran, Rome, the Ottoman Empire and even Greece.

    Cyrus conquered the city of Istanbul 500 BC. At that time, this city was considered part of the great Achaemenid Empire and the Persians called it the Roman throne, which until then the Greeks called Bozas.

    In 333 BC, when the Romans gained great power, the city was captured by Constantine, the great Roman commander, who changed the name of the city to New Rome. People did not welcome the name much at that time and called Istanbul by the name of Constantinople or the city of Constantinople.

    Osman established the Ottoman government in 1300 by establishing peace among the Turks of his region and by creating a powerful army, and made Ankara his capital.

    In 1453, Sultan Muhammad the Conqueror won unprecedented honors for the Ottoman Empire and was able to capture the city of Constantinople, also known as the capital of Eastern Rome, and end Roman rule. Sultan Muhammad called the city Istanbul and changed its capital, Ankara, to Istanbul so that it could better support its openings from the West to Europe.

    Geography of Istanbul

    Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Europe and the fifth largest city in the world with a population of almost 12 million, and because of its better and more prosperous situation, many people from other cities in Turkey migrate to Istanbul every day.

    Istanbul, with the world’s narrowest strait called the Bosphorus, is divided into eastern and western parts of Asia and Europe, respectively. The city is connected to the Black Sea from the north and from the southwest to the Mediterranean Sea through the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the eastern and western parts of Istanbul by two bridges.

    In this city 65% ​​of people in the European part 35% of them live in the Asian part. The population of Istanbul has increased almost 5 times since a few years ago.

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    Texture City

    The districts of Istanbul consist of 3 main parts:

    1- Historic Peninsula: Old Istanbul includes the parts of Amin Ono and Fateh, which are located on the northern shores of the Gulf (Golden Horn). The historic peninsula ends with the walls of Constantinople in the west and is occupied by the Sea of ​​Marmara in the south and the Bosphorus in the east.

    2- North of the Golden Horn: These are the same historical areas of Besiktas and Bighloo and are the residence of the last sultan.

    3. Oskudar and Kadikoy districts: They are located in the Asian part and are in fact independent cities in which well-developed commercial and residential areas have been established and also have about one third of the population of Istanbul.

    Language, religion and currency of Istanbul

    The oldest language in the world is Istanbul Turkish, which is the official language of Istanbul and its inhabitants. This language is very sweet and has changed a lot over time.

    Turks make up the majority of Istanbul’s population and are predominantly Muslim. In Turkey, 99.8% of the population is Muslim, most of whom are Sunni, and 0.2% are Christian and Jewish. Sunni Muslims are based in central and western Turkey, and Shiites live near the Iranian border.

    The first constitution of Turkey in 1924 defined Islam as the official religion of the country.

    The lira is the currency of Turkey, which is equivalent to 100 crores. Likewise, if you plan to travel to Istanbul, you must have a lira with you. In previous years, 6 zeros were removed from Turkish coins and banknotes due to high inflation, but the country is still in a better position.

    Turkish coins are now 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 qoroshi and 1 lira, and its banknotes are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 lira. The common currency for traveling to Istanbul are the coins and banknotes that you should bring with you when you travel.

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    ssential Istanbul Information

    110: Fire

    154: Riding and driving

    155: Police

    186: Electrical problems

    187: Gas problems

    112: Ambulance

    121: Telephone problems

    177: Forest fire

    184: Health counseling

    118: Telephone guide

    119: Postal Code

    185: Water bill problems / information

    212 and 216: Prefix

    Istanbul culture and customs

    As you know, Turks are hospitable people and they are very happy to invite guests to their homes and treat them with respect and kindness. It is interesting to know that if a party leaves their house early, it is a kind of disrespect to the landlord and the reason is that the guest is not happy.

    Another custom of Istanbul is that during mourning, the neighbors prepare food for up to 3 days and take it to the mourner’s house. He gives the ladle to the next person and the next person starts to define a memory of the deceased while stirring the halva, and the halva is ready when all the people in the place have said a sentence from the deceased.

    Another tradition in Turkey is for Muslims to break their fast with Turkish kebabs and tea during Iftar, and for the markets to be open until dawn and for buying and selling.

    And one more thing, Turks are very good at financial matters, whether in small purchases or big deals.

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    life expenses

    Renting a house is the first cost that immigrants face, we can not say a fixed cost for it, but on average, renting a house 70 meters from 900 lira and above, and also the amount depends on you in which neighborhood of Turkey Get home.

    Another case is the cost of food in this city, which is usually equal to the price in Tehran, but in some cases is more expensive.

    Another thing you are considering in Istanbul is the cost of clothing.

    Do not worry at all about the cost of clothing, because its price in Istanbul is lower than in Iran and it is also of high quality. You have to spend about 133 lira for summer clothes, 196 lira for jeans and 267 lira for a pair of men’s shoes.

    We can not say a fixed cost for entertainment because it depends on the individual.

    Two cinema tickets: 38 lira

    Dinner for 2 people with drinks and dessert: 194 lira

    Two theater tickets: 137 lira

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    Istanbul Public Transport

    Istanbul is a large city, which fortunately has an efficient and useful transportation system, thus making it easy for anyone to access the far and near parts of the city. When we talk about public transport in Istanbul, it means that you can use various means such as subway, tram, bus, yellow taxis, online taxis and all kinds of boats and ships to move around the city.

    Istanbul, like many other major cities, offers e-tickets to citizens and tourists to pay for public transportation, known as the “Istanbul Card”. These cards have significant advantages and are easy to use. In addition, you can easily get Istanbul card from many stores

    Of course, buying an Istanbul Card is not the only way to use the city’s public transportation, and you can get one-time tokens or one-time tickets for every ride. But you should know that we recommend preparing these cards.

    Metro stations are marked with the letters M and Metro in blue and red. Each service leaves the station in 2 to 10 minutes. The metro is open between 6 am and 12 midnight.

    Security in Istanbul

    Due to the fact that Turkey is a tourist destination, many travelers travel there every year, which is why the Turkish government attaches great importance to the security of tourist cities such as Istanbul and Antalya.

    In fact, tourist countries provide security for their passengers. The city of Istanbul is standard in terms of security and even some of its areas are highly secure. A tourist office has been set up in Istanbul for the convenience of travelers, where police officers who are fluent in several world languages ​​are ready to provide services.

    Security in Istanbul is very high, and even in some parts of the city, 24-hour security cameras monitor the city to reduce the risk.


    The city consists of several famous mosques, some of which we will introduce

    Hagia Sophia Mosque
    In fact, the Hagia Sophia is a symbol of the city of Istanbul and in centuries ago was known as the largest church in the world. It becomes beautiful. Hagia Sophia Mosque has an area of ​​6,000 square meters.

    Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmad)
    After Al-Haram Mosque, it is the first mosque that has 6 minarets and has many views due to its location next to the Bosphorus Strait.

    Rostam Pasha Mosque
    The architecture of this mosque is very beautiful and due to its location in one of the busiest markets in Istanbul, it has a smaller area and due to the use of red color in its construction, it has made it different from other mosques.

    Dolmabaghche Mosque
    Dolmabahçe Mosque has a beautiful architecture, so that people choose to visit it after Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmed Mosque.

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    Sights of Istanbul

    The city of Istanbul has many places of interest, some examples of which are described below:

    1- Hagia Sophia Mosque
    Hagia Sophia is at the top of Istanbul’s list of places of interest. The Hagia Sophia Museum is popularly known as the Hagia Sophia Mosque. This place was first a church, then it became a mosque and today it is used as a museum.

    2. Topkapi Palace, Istanbul
    One of the most popular and biggest sights of Istanbul is Topkapi Palace. If you love history and civilization, be sure to visit this unique place, because visiting this palace will delight you.

    Topkapi Palace has many parts, each of which represents a separate history.

    3- Large market
    The splendid bazaar is another interesting and spectacular place for women.

    It is best to prepare a shopping list before going to this place, as this market is so large that you may be confused. Sellers have become accustomed to this as much as you can bargain for goods, and therefore have raised the price of their goods. In some cases, you can lower the price by up to 50%.

    Istanbul Shopping Malls and Restaurants

    Jewelry Shopping Center:
    This shopping center has six floors and is located in the city center. It is the largest shopping mall in Europe and the sixth largest shopping mall in the world.

    Istanbul Mall
    One of the largest shopping malls in Turkey, we can mention Istanbul Mall, which is approximately 156 thousand square meters and has 350 shops with very beautiful showcases and unique and modern design. In this market, there are all kinds of world famous brands.

    Nusrat Restaurant
    One of the most famous restaurants in Istanbul is Nusrat, where most of the footballers, artists, singers and leaders are seen. If you follow Instagram, you will notice that this unique restaurant is famous.

    Pahlavan Restaurant
    One of the most famous restaurants in Istanbul is Pahlavan, which is located at the beginning of Esteghlal Street. The food variety of this restaurant is so great that when you are in front of its window, you will be confused about the choice of food.


    Food and beverage in Istanbul:

    Turkish cuisine is very diverse and world famous. While you are in Istanbul, forget about fast food chain restaurants and try authentic Turkish food. Turkish flavors are the same as cold appetizers that are very diverse and delicious. The most popular of these flavors are fried eggplant with tomato sauce, grilled eggplant salad, grilled eggplant with yogurt, pinto beans, artichokes, pasta with spicy tomato sauce and yogurt extract with mint.

    Turkish cuisine is based on lamb, mutton, beef and chicken, but there are also a variety of seafood. The most common types of cooking are frying and grilling, which includes the famous Turkish kebabs. The most popular of these kebabs is Doner Kebab, which does not need to be introduced.

    The best kebab is Iskander Kebab, in which thin pieces of grilled meat or doner meat are served on a pizza-like bread with butter and tomato sauce.

    Adana is another delicious kebab that is similar to shredded kebab and is served in the same way, but despite the different spices, it tastes a little different. Pide, which is a Turkish pizza, is also very tasty and filling the surface with minced meat or shaved lamb. Manti is another food that is also called Turkish ravioli. Manti is served hot with cold yogurt and garlic. Meatballs, burqas, jams and donuts are also very tasty and you are recommended to try them.

    Desserts include baklava and kunefa, a type of Arabic cheesecake. The most famous Turkish drink is Turkish coffee, which is world famous. Other common Turkish drinks include Iran or doogh, turnip juice, which is often drunk with kebabs and can be eaten hot or spicy, and goat, a winter drink made from millet, semolina, water and sugar. And is considered one of the oldest Turkish drinks



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