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The scariest areas of Iran

  • The scariest areas of Iran

    The scariest areas of Iran

    The scariest areas of Iran

    Not everyone likes the experience of traveling to scary and exciting places, but it is worth a try. In this post, we have introduced some of the scary attractions. Join us in this post to travel to the scariest areas of Iran.
    It may be interesting for you that we have attractions in Iran, behind each of which there are horror stories that can make the experience of an exciting and terrifying journey for us. Let’s get acquainted with the first scary place.

    Elf Cemetery is a place you should never go

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    Elves Cemetery There is an ancient village of Tis in Chahabar city, Sistan and Baluchestan province, which is at least 2300 years old.

    Reason for naming:
    As the name of this cemetery indicates, it is the burial place of elves. But is this true or just a superstition? If you are interested in goblin stories and movies, do not miss a trip to this cemetery.
    The jinn cemetery is located in the village of Tis near Chabahar. This cemetery is very mysterious. As you can see in the picture, the strange shape of the graves is the reason for naming the cemetery.
    The people of Tis Chabahar believe that this place is the burial place of goblins.
    The reason for this is the existence of large and strange tombstones that are far from imagined in which humans were buried.

    Scream Forest

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    Screaming Forest Address:
    Scream forest is located in Mashhad, in the village of Sarbarj, in the Torqabeh section, and is about 45 minutes away from Mashhad.

    Reason for naming:
    Some locals who live there believe that the screams heard from the forest are due to goblins and demons roaming.
    But the reality is behind this strange sound. These sounds are essentially the sounds of crickets.

    Wetlands of Ghosts

    photo 2021 09 12 10 20 38 300x227 - The scariest areas of Iran

    Address :
    This lake is located 5 km north of Chalandar village in Nowshahr.
    Reason for naming:
    Ghost Wetland is located in the city of Nowshahr in the middle of a dense forest. The name of this lagoon is due to the trunks of dried trees in the lake, scary and evocative appearance
    If your heart is tagged for excitement and fear, be sure to spend your weekend in this scary place.
    The locals who live around the lake believe that the ancient inhabitants and the ancients must have had information or seen something that bears this name.
    But the best way to get your questions is to go to this lake. So get started now.


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    photo 2021 09 12 10 20 39 4 300x227 - The scariest areas of Iran

    The elf chimney is located near Mahneshan city of Zanjan province. To see the elf chimney, you have to go to 20 km of Mahneshan city and 120 km of Zanjan

    Reason for naming:
    Near Mahneshan in Zanjan province is one of the most amazing and spectacular phenomena in Iran. This phenomenon is a large rock in the plain with several large pillars on it. Each has a mushroom-shaped series and, like humans, wears hats.
    The natives of this region consider this building as the work of jinns because it has a trace of jinns and demons on its face, that is why they named this building the jinn chimney.
    One of the names of the chimney is Jin Hoodo. Hoodo is actually a mushroom-like stone that has grown like a thin, tall minaret due to erosion.

    Cannibal Castle

    photo 2021 09 12 10 20 37 300x226 - The scariest areas of Iran

    The ancient castle and region of Buini Yoghun is located in the village of Korabaslavi in ​​Ardabil.

    Reason for naming:

    The cannibal castle is one of the man-made structures that has been abandoned and has become a place for local storytelling.
    But why is this name given to this castle? This castle is located in the city of Ardabil. In the past, legends suggested that anyone who went to the castle would disappear. The reason for this was that the walls of the castle were so large that anyone who entered it could not get out.
    The story goes that centuries ago, people who went to visit the ancient castle of Buini Yoghun disappeared in a completely mysterious and mysterious way.
    Because it was not clear what would happen to these people, the locals say that the castle must have swallowed them. For this reason, this castle gradually became known as a man-eating castle. Of course, the secret of this castle has not been discovered yet, so never try to go to this castle.



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