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Tehran tourism with rental Car (1)

  • Tehran tourism with rental Car (1)

    Tehran tourism with rental Car (1)

    Tehran tourism with rental Car (1)

    The metropolis of Tehran has many historical monuments, places of interest and places of entertainment; So much so that some important tourist spots may be overlooked or lost in the crowded streets. Most of the travelers of Tehran travel to this city for business and administrative work and most of them do not know that the sights of Tehran are like treasures in this city. Treasures that will definitely make you feel better after a busy day. Join Rental Kar with offers to visit the sights of Tehran.

    Golestan palace

    Golestan Palace is one of the most beautiful and oldest historical collections in Tehran, a masterpiece left over from the Qajar period and a combination of beautiful Iranian art and Western-inspired architecture. This complex includes Shams Al-Amara, Salam Hall, Mirror Hall, Marble Throne Porch, Marble Throne, Pool House, White Palace, Karimkhani Privacy, Badgir Mansion, Ivory Hall, Diamond Hall, Diamond Hall and Badgir Mansion Pool House. This complex is located on Panzdeh Khordad Street in the center of Tehran. Nowruz holidays are a good opportunity to visit this palace due to the secluded nature of the city. Also, around the Golestan Palace complex, there are recreational trains and carriages that run from Imam Khomeini Square to Arg Square in old Tehran, and you can avoid the historical heart of the city.

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    Saadabad Museum Palace

    Saadabad complex is located in the pleasant valley of Darband. This complex of mansions and palaces was built in the Qajar period as the summer of the kings and has passed the two historical periods of the first and second Pahlavi. Saadabad complex includes Green Museum Palace, Behzad Museum, Mir Emad Calligraphy Museum, Abkar Museum, Farshchian Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Anthropology Museum, Art and Nations Museum, Water Museum and Military Museum.

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    Darband & Darake

    If you are looking to list the names of Tehran’s sights, do not forget Darband and Darka. With the development of Tehran and the destruction of the city’s gardens, spending hours in areas like Darband, you will be tied to the memories of Tehran and you have the opportunity to take a deep breath. The back alleys of Darband with those small and big villa houses are full of good energies that take away your tiredness. Do not miss visiting this area.

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    Milad Tower

    Milad Tower is the tallest tower in Iran and the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world and encourages everyone to visit it and see the city of Tehran from above this tower. The clean and spring air of Nowruz to see the city of Tehran from an open platform is a unique experience that should not be missed. The glass dome on the top floor of the tower, the tower restaurant over the city and the world’s largest revolving restaurant inside the Milad Tower, along with the paintball club, dolphinarium, cinema and Nowruzgan celebration in the Milad Tower complex are other sights of this complex.

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    Tajrish Bazaar

    Tajrish Bazaar is a traditional bazaar in Tehran that always has a special atmosphere during Nowruz and the last days of the year, and people come here to visit the bazaar and visit Imamzadeh Saleh in the vicinity of this bazaar.

    In addition to the charm that the old architecture and dome-shaped rooms of this market can have for you, seeing the colors and beauties of your food will delight you. This market is an exhibition of food, vegetables and fruits that are put together in order and beauty and with endless freshness. In addition, you can buy items such as porcelain, cashmere and copper utensils for souvenirs.

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    Azadi Tower

    From the past to the present, many people know Tehran by the tower or “Freedom Square”; The tower, which was built in 1349 AD and is located at the western entrance of the city and also close to the western passenger terminal, is the first building that attracts the attention of travelers on the western roads of Tehran. This famous building has various facilities such as a theater, gallery, library, museum and.. Azadi Tower is on the list of the best places to see in Tehran at night, which also has an extraordinary view.

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    Revolution Sports Complex

    The sports complex of Enghelab has been called “the green jewel of Tehran” because of its special geographical location and clean air. This complex has 10,000 square meters of cultural space and 60 hectares of indoor and outdoor sports space. This complex has the most complete facilities in the fields of “golf”, “tennis”, “squash”, “volleyball”, “basketball”, “football”, “swimming”, “sauna”, “bodybuilding”, “karting”, Provides fishing and martial arts for those interested in these sports. The “Health Road” is about 2,500 meters long and is one of the most beautiful parts of the Revolution Sports Complex, which wraps around the beautiful golf courses like a ribbon.

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